• http://www.poneill.co.uk Paddy

    By links? Buy links, surely?

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    that got by me, sorry. fixed now.

  • http://jameshalloran.net/ James R. Halloran

    At least Google is righteous in the sense that they’re not being hypocrites to their own rules.

    The best leaders lead by example, so I commend Google for following through with their own penalties on themselves instead of sweeping it under the rug like lots of businesses and governments do.

  • Durant Imboden

    I’m just waiting for somebody named “AdWords SEO” or “Chrome spammer” to launch a “Google is evil” thread on the Webmaster World forums.

  • http://www.CheesyCorporateLingo.com/ Patrick Reinhart

    Not sure if those penalties affected Google’s bottom line as much as they do small businesses, but hey, at least their being fair-ish.

  • Zach

    Agreed, Google Penalize their own site, but how soon did it jumped back, thats the question? Small and Medium Sized Business struggles to get back in for the mistakes they or previous SEO’s have done earlier. Google algo is complex and it shows, even Google made mistakes, so it does make sense that Small and Medium Size Business can do the same. Google should also think about these businesses and make recovery process faster. Nowadays, Recon request takes about a month. Come on G you can make things faster :)

  • http://touch.st/ Touch.

    Interesting post thanks, 1 question Danny: Do Google charge themselves for Adwords? If not then penalising themselves is irrelevant as they can be at the top of results with Adwords for free anyway where as it would cost the rest of us after a penalty to increase Adwords spend.

  • http://www.keshkesh.com/ Takeshi Young

    This is just silly. As if any of these penalties had any sort of meaningful impact on Google, compared to a small business that gets penalized. It’s pure theater. The fact that there are people at Google who get paid to play these antics boggles my mind.

  • Harsh Wardhan Singh

    @dannysullivan:disqus From the last comments, seems you have a competition. Have you checked this link of Google Search EngineLand: http://googlesearchengineland.blogspot.in/2014/02/5-times-google-penalized-itself-for.html I mean seriously. Isn’t this a pure spam stuff? And these people talk about Google being dominant and blah blah

  • http://www.markupbox.com/ Justin Spencer

    This is really a good action of setting an example for others. But somehow I agree to @disqus_wEOT8PNZ1I:disqus , I above mentioned penalties, all of them got revoked in almost few months. For Chrome itself it was 2 months. May it could be due to that link from video campaign (as announced) …. Why not “there may be other links too”. Hope it could be more clear as it cleared in terms of it’s penalty.

  • Rajesh_magar

    Those all are heartbreaking moves but just one question banging the walls in my head that, how did you guys found those as being penalized recently by Google for those illegal activities. Thank you!

  • Ryan Smith

    Hehe, this reminds me of Todd Nemet’s awesome article from 2011 where he did a technical audit on Google and Bing themselves: http://searchengineland.com/do-as-i-say-not-as-i-do-a-look-at-search-engines-seo-best-practices-102698

  • nathan

    google only wants to promote its adwords sercice, if a small or medium size business has been penalized by google, the solution could be use adwords or wait many weeks untill google will recover this site. google makes money when penalize a site with adwords!

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    It is spam. And we’ve filed a request to have the site removed.

  • ctaylorgraham

    The thing that really sticks out for me is that these are all situations where someone called them out. The algorithm simply isn’t good enough to make the call about links and to determine if something is going on” so what, now they take direction from the masses? Jc penny got busted by the times, what does that say about the quality of the algorithm? What does it say about how a competitor can slam you with junk links and then report it? I’ve got a bunch of links from junk iFramed versions of search engine land. No clue where they came from, but they’re still in WMT. Do I get penalized if someone says something. The model is broken.

  • http://localreachlabs.com/ Russell Hayes

    Google penalizing itself is laughable! I agree 100% with @TakeshiYoung:disqus on this, it’s meaningless! The purpose behind imposing a penalty is to financially harm a company for breaking the rules, did Google suffer any significant financial loss? I think not!

  • http://justinmcgill.net/ Justin McGill

    Wow – this is pretty fascinating stuff. Do No Evil, right?

  • http://www.smartseodesigns.com/ Alon Popilskis

    Why commend Google for penalizing itself? It received more benefit than harm for its actions and the penalties were soon lifted as with the case of Google Chrome. SMBs who use the same tactics but on much smaller scales typically end up being penalized for longer periods of time if caught.

  • http://www.poneill.co.uk Paddy

    No need to apologise, it happens :)