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    On April 16th, Google registered several domain names that most likely signaled the new services that your article offers details about. Could more, related services be coming in the future? When I checked several of the domains listed below about 20 minutes ago (2:30 PM EDST), they offer no content and at least for now, do not redirect to Webmaster Central.

    The new domains are:
    + claim-my-content.com (.net, .org)

    + claim-our-content.com (.net, .org)

    + claim-your-content.com (.net, .org)

    + claimmycontent.com (.net, .org)

    + claimourcontent.com (.net, .org)

    + claimYourcontent.com (.net, .org)

    + wwwclaim-your-content.com (.net, .org)

    + wwwclaimyourcontent.com (.net, .org)

    On a related Google domain name registration note, the day before launching the new Local Voice Search, the company registered the following domains:
    1800goog411.com (.net, .org)
    1800goog411.com (.net, .org)
    1800google411.com (.net, .org)
    1877goog411.com (.net, .org)
    1877google411.com (.net, .org)
    411-goog.com (.net, .org)
    411goog.com (.net, .org)
    411goog.net (.net, .org)
    800goog411.com (.net, .org)
    800google411.com (.net, .org)
    877goog411.com (.net, .org)
    877google411.com (.net, .org)
    goog-411.com (.net, .org)
    goog411.com (.net, .org)
    goog411google.com (.net, .org)
    googlevoicelocal.com (.net, .org)
    googlevoicelocalsearch.com (.net, .org)
    googlevoicelocalsearch.com (.net, .org)
    googlevoicesearch.net(.net, .org)
    wwwgoog411.com (.net, .org)

    Like the “claim content” domains listed above, when we checked these “411” domains a little while ago, they do not resolve to active web pages.

  • mrbill

    I would sell any Google stock before everyone sees this. Completely makes their results unreliable. Makes the results not only unreliable but useless for historical and political checking on lawmakers etc.

    The net should be in an outrage at this. If you put something up on a public net,…then you need to be part of it.

    Terrible idea.