• http://www.ericward.com Eric Ward

    14.4 rocked! It went nicely with my monochrome monitor. I’d start to download the latest version of Mosaic, then go to eat and to the movies, and when I’d get home, it’d be halfway done.

  • Matt McGee

    LOL! For me, it was the overnight download. Usually finished by morning, but not always. I remember it well. :-)

  • ethan

    Here’s how that looked on Google reader… short summaries hurt creative intros.

    “Back in the day, when some of us old-timer SEOs used to walk to work in the snow (uphill both ways), we’d get to our desks, fire up our 14.4 modems, pop in a floppy disk, listen to our favorite songs on a Sony Walkman cassette player and optimize that meta keywords tag like there […]”