• http://fjpoblam fjpoblam

    If Google decides to Yahoo-ize its Gmail page, I think I’ll consider hotmail-izing my email.

  • Stacey Clermont

    There subtle ads was the main reason I used Gmail. If they muck it up I’ll probably go somewhere else.

  • http://cougarabogado.blogspot.com Cougar Abogado

    Greg, fjpoblam, and Stacey.

    What do you think about running an ad blocker like ABP or AdBlock?

    I personally loathe being online when I’m in a browser lacking ad block.

  • http://amusicapp.blospot.com dualsub2006

    A threat to change to Hotmail over visual ads? Seriously? Are you new to the internet or have you just never seen Hotmail? You run along to Hotmail and have fun with that.

    It’s time for Google to offer an ad free version of Gmail. They can sell me 80GB of storage for Picasa for $20. What is the average revenue per user per year on Gmail? Offer me an ad free option and I will buy 5 of them. There is a revenue stream apart from ads.

  • http://www.ianrsmith.co.uk Ian R Smith

    I use Better Gmail which removes the ads from Gmail.

  • http://www.linkedin.com/in/vdimitroff Vladimir Dimitroff

    I wonder how this will work in the Android mobile client for Gmail? I rarely view Gmail in a browser – on the PC I redirect to another POP account and read in client. From the occasional public PC (cafe etc) it’s a minimal annoyance to put up with…

    And I agree with the posts that point out that Google is not a charity and ad-free can be an option – for a price.