• Jon

    If we pooled our example URLs we could reverse engineer this thing. Just sayin’.

  • Christoph C. Cemper


    I saw this coming and we have this feature ready for launch in our product LinkDetox.com already watchout for the new release in the next days to cover this crowd sourcing idea (and a lot more)


  • Robin331

    i just checked what the crappy urls indexing google. in my backlinks some cloaked site links (some site which display promo offer, but google looks like see articles or some links to my site with anchors like ‘this not same’, ‘girl go to toilet’ and similar), lot of search engine results, askhives which autogenerate content, whois, etc.
    It even unable to index sites (and recognize bad sites/cloakers/negative seo) in normal way. It where from all this penguins and pandas. Every site will have such BAD backlinks after some time.

  • http://www.seoupdates.xbriz.com/ Rajeev Kumar

    Nice and appreciable steps from Google, Thanks :)