• Alysson

    I couldn’t agree more, Kim. A lot of times the energy you speak of stems from the site owner’s intent. Is the site is built and designed to serve a constructive purpose, provide useful information and be of genuine value or is it simply intended to separate a visitor from their money?

    Like you would size up the intent of an approaching used car salesman, website visitors can discern the intent of a site within seconds…and they act accordingly. Some sites, like many used car salesman, seem to exude an “I’LL SELL YOU SOMETHING AT ANY COST” vibe, while others are committed to helping you find what you really need. With a website, it is the design, the information architecture and attention to usability that determines what type of energy it gives off.

  • http://risabb risabb

    I think if you take 10 website designers and put them in that room with all the disharmony, there will be 10 different designs, and one might be so great, that you’d never know about the disharmony.

    I think the #1 factor in creating an energy to a website is color. Nothing, to me, sets a mood more, gives an aura, gives a feeling, than color. Every type of business has a color, and it’s the combination of colors that adds depth to a website (or any kind of device).

    The #2 factor is the font, which either screams at you or is peaceful in a nice size.

    The layout is critical, but even the hugest amount of information that needs to be crammed on one page, can look good with proper white space and leading between lines.

    Many clients have no clue about art and design and depend on the website designer to come up with something good. I’ve found most of my clients very open-minded to suggestions regarding design, color, and layout. For one client that wanted a design that totally went against my sense of design, I fought passionately to make it look right.

    Many clients don’t know what should be on a website, and are open-minded to suggestions about content and tone.

    I think the websites out there with a bad or a weird energy may be a reflection of the client, but more about the client not hiring or trusting a web designer and usability consultant to transcend these things.

  • Kim Krause Berg

    Risa, I knew you would see this the way an artist does :) For an artist, they communicate through the medium they use, whether site design or paint brush or pottery wheel. Whether or not they realize it, they put into their creation a bit of their own vibe, but some, like you, have the ability to capture another person’s energy signal and can communicate that. I still get compliments on all my logos that you made and I know it’s because the logo reach out and connect in subtle ways that people can feel.

    Aly, it’s already happening and being studied. Indeed, I see it in my work too. I can get a sense of the site owner or their team just by looking at the site they’ve produced. It’s mostly hard to put into words and not everyone feels something. I’ve had fun talking to folks about this.