• Rebecca Lieb

    Thanks so much for the shout-out! Eric and Warren are two search experts I very much respect.

  • Iqbal Hussain

    What is SEO, give a back gronund, is it a some sort of mathmetic calculation or theory based and why it needs to induct its methodology in business and in what type of business its induction is mandatory?

  • http://ianhanson1979.blogspot.com/ Ian hanson

    Interaction within key players is almost vital for enterprise SEO success. Unfortunately, we see an entirely different scenario in the real world. Companies hire an SEO team and forget about it until they have to make the payment!

  • seo3

    Hi Iiqbal, SEO is the process by which visibility in search engines is improved. It is both theory based and mathematically based. Only through testing by which theory is merged with practical application and the results observed using tools like Adobe Discover or Google Analytics can advanced recommendations for website design be applied. These recommendations or methods can apply to any business that can benefit from visibility in search engines. While most online businesses need a website to benefit the most from SEO, even a hot dog stand with no website could benefit from SEO when you consider that we live in a world of mobile devices that run search applications, and the relative ease to create and optimize a Google places page.