• http://www.search-engine-academy-washington-dc.com Nancy E. Wigal

    Great research – thanks for sharing! I’ve been emphasizing the zip code for quite some time now. I have a couple of past students who have really leveraged the neighborhood name thing quite well, because here in the Washington DC area, being Metro-accessible is pure gold. Adding the neighborhood name along with the zip and metro station has also boosted their local results.

    It’s so easy to put in your full address on every page, along with a local phone number, and I can’t understand why more businesses don’t do this. Equally puzzling are the large number of businesses here in the DC area that have websites, but the owners never heard of Google Local. It’s been fun educating them!

  • http://www.cloud9websitedesign.com mikecook

    I have a problem with your logic in this article. You suggest “If your business targets male consumers, make sure you emphasize ZIP code prominently in your optimization efforts” despite your own data showing that more males use the city/town name.

    The same logic takes place when you say “If your business targets a younger audience, you should focus more on generic search terms (and let Google handle the localization) rather than track search terms with local modifier” despite your data reflecting that most 19-34 year-olds said “Yes, usually” to whether or not they use a local modifier.

    The fact that males use zip codes more than females is not at all relevant when deciding what to do when targeting males. If you want to target males, look at only the male data and make your decision. The same logic should be applied to age and geo-modifiers.