• http://durak.org/sean/ sean dreilinger

    when i saw ads for this role on craigslist, i thought they might have been posted by one of the lesser PPC vendors attempting to crowdsource the generation of specious clickthrough on search ads under the guise of quality control.

  • http://metricvoodoo.com Michelle Moore

    Way to capitalize on a contractor’s flirtation with NDA violations…

    If site owners would simply listen to those of us who give advice and offer strategies based on the fact that we ARE raters but are prohibited from just handing out that info, I guess you wouldn’t be so tempted to blow open things like the raters guidelines and describing exactly how we help refine the algorithm. Alas, we’ve been telling people since the advent of search engine ranking to WRITE FOR YOUR AUDIENCE – DESIGN FOR YOUR AUDIENCE – stop trying to game the system and it WILL work!

  • http://www.williamrock.com William Rock

    Matt McGee great article, I am sure this person you reviewed had to hold some things back however a lot of good content was captured. One statement that hit home for me was really the quote

    “I like the idea that they have an army of actual people working towards bettering their engine.”
    We have seen major progress since 2001 and on with all the changes however 2011 and 2012 has topped them all as far as algo changes including now Google+

  • http://txtbrkr.com T.B.

    I think this is interesting from a usability and a content perspective. I thought this was interesting:

    “Are spelling and grammar part of the design-based tasks?
    Spelling and grammar are something we look at in all tasks (at least I do) but there’s not a ding for it.”

    In the end, as long as your content is interesting and engaging, it’ll pass the quality rater test, even if you aren’t a novelist.

    I wonder if raters only rate pages for the country they reside in. Would our rater be able to answer that?

  • http://www.netmagellan.com/ Ash Nallawalla

    No, raters in the US were recently being hired for UK English and other languages, but they needed to be in the US and allowed to work there.

    I recall Google Australia hiring locals to do this a few years ago and presume they still do, but our minimum wage is higher than in the US.

  • deepakkumar

    Hi Matt Matt McGee

    Great information shared with the google rater. The only thing which still in my mind is what happen if the rater are reponding positively or negatively for the website. Whether it helps in improvement in the ranking factor if the rater repond positive and if the rater is negative for the site, in which way it will effect the website?

  • http://milkmen.com/blog Cody Baird

    Thanks for the very interesting post Matt. I would have liked ask the “rater” if he is ever frustrated with personalized search results while rating. ;) I wonder if his strategy would be to log out of his Google account before work or if he would toggle “Hide Personal Results” for each query. ; )

  • http://www.agence-redaction-web.fr ARW

    TB says “In the end, as long as your content is interesting and engaging, it’ll pass the quality rater test, even if you aren’t a novelist.”

    This is true for Quality Rating, which is all about Google Algorithm. But the average non-robotic user deserves good grammar and spelling. Having poorly written content can really be an alarming sign for some users. If you are not able to publish proper English content about your business, are you even able to do business properly ?

    I like to see it as, who would you rather hire – all things being equal- a contractor who has a tie with grease spots on it, or a contractor with a clean tie (or without a tie) ? Or, of course, a novelist ?

  • http://uk.linkedin.com/in/ingobousa Ingo Bousa

    I used to be a German language Quality Rater for Google in 2006/2007. My first language is German, I moved to the UK the year before and it was via a UK temp agency. I had to pass the initial test and then there was a second, much more comprehensive test real time test that you had to pass in a certain time. I enjoyed working as a Quality Rater but it was also very repetitive and after a while a bit boring. Very unglamorous and from one day to another they sent me an Email stating that the project was over and my services not needed anymore. Sice then I saw now and then Rating Guidlines popping up on the web and they looked like the ones I used except that the newer ones have some added criteria. The main subjects were always relevancy to a query, locality and then all sorts of spam detection. Was it paid well? Not really :D

  • N.O.

    What a really dumb move. Obviously this person is NDA bound, and I bet Google has a way of finding where to serve the lawsuit pretty quickly.

    I find the answer to this question very curious – “ How does your work affect Google’s search results — do they tell you anything about that?”

    Google has already told us exactly out how raters affect Google’s results pretty clearly, with screenshots, in the youtube called “How Google makes improvements to its search algorithm“ on the Google Youtube Channel. How come I already knew this, but a rater didn’t?

    Something’s not adding up with this story.

  • N.O.

    deepakkumar wrote “what happen if the rater are reponding positively or negatively for the website. Whether it helps in improvement in the ranking factor if the rater repond positive and if the rater is negative for the site, in which way it will effect the website?”

    Please, please, watch the youtube video from Google called “How Google makes improvements to its search algorithm ” located on the Google youtube channel. It spells out the role of the rater and what role they have. Google themselves say the raters work in a sandbox to test if algorithm changes are working properly and should go live – thats *it*,

    This article does far more harm than good, Raters are no different than regression testers who check for errors in the system after a change. Google outright tells us that in the youtube about raters – I don’t get why this website continues to push that there’s some deeper meaning or secret?

  • http://uk.linkedin.com/in/ingobousa Ingo Bousa

    “One thing I think the SEO community is missing is that this program has nothing to do with SEO or rankings. What this program does is help Google refine their algorithm. For example, the Side-by-Side tasks show the results as they are next to the results with the new algorithm change in them. Google doesn’t hire these raters to rate the web; they hire them to rate how they are doing in matching users queries with the best source of information.”

    ..probably the most important bit of this interview.

  • unavailable

    >> I get paid $14.50/hour

    I worked as a Quality Rater in 2006/7 and they paid $18/hr. As I was a SEO guy in those days, this job was heaven-sent. There were super smart people both on my level and above. The SEO lesson I learned, all in all, was “Think about your visitors first, your content second, and forget about Google.”

  • http://wpsites.net braddalton

    This is a great post but these people seriously need to do a hell of a lot more work.

    How many times have you come across forum questions containing exact match and broad match keywords in the top 3 of Google SERPS without an answer?

    Google’s qaulity is based on domain authority not relevance of content but relevance of title. They still haven’t worked out how to index page/post content properly.

    Its a joke for a multi billion dollar company

    Do you think Bing is superior?

  • http://twitter.com/MichelleMitzel Michelle Mitzel

    Maybe you should have asked this person about his or her nondisclosure contract. Anyone who is willing to discuss and have images posted in regard to private company information when he or she contractually agreed not to, gets no respect from me. This person portrays him or herself as someone with more knowledge than they can actually prove. Much what they speak is conjecture, not fact. Due to untrustworthy employees (such as the one from the article), these companies can’t trust to offer more than a need-to-know basis. 

    What I’d like to ask your unnamed “informant” is, what if the company you work for decided to take all the personal information from your application, 1099, and resume, etc., and posted it on the Internet for anyone to see? How would you feel about that? Would you feel a bit violated if tables were turned and your private information was freely distributed? 

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