• Erick Recors

    I have a question for Matt, or anyone else that knows. If you didn’t get a notice in WMT of unnatural link warnings, yet you can take an entire paragraph from my home
    page and google it and you wont see it anywhere in the top 10 pages, then what happened?

    Many of our pages are totally gone from the SERPS yet certain product pages and our contact us page show up for totally off the wall keywords.

    There has to be some real penalty in play here, not just devalued links. Right? I would almost rather have the notice in WMT because then I could communicate with Google. They just told me no manual action has been taken when I have enough valuable links and a 10 year old domain to know at least my site would rank for its own home page title tag query if not penalized.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=535260227 Jeff Kean

    No more like “How can you claim the updates a success when its clear there have been legitimate places put out of business by this update, along with scores and scores of bad results rising to the top”  or “Why are you showing clear favoritism to certain big brands and not others in search results”

    Something like that :)

    Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the question you did ask, but there was a chance for allot more hard hitting questions that could have been asked. 

  • Sheldon Campbell

    I have to wonder whether Google will decide that offering a “please disallow this link” tool could be just too labor- and resource-intensive. I can imagine millions of hits/day on such a tool – if automated, it’d be a resource hog, and if manual… I suspect it just won’t happen.

  • fredwaters

    I would have luv the chance to have Matt Cutts in front of an audience and shown him some of the search results in my niche, which is Treadmill Reviews and Ratings.  The Penguin update has been a boom for web sites from India and East Europe that are written in barely decipherable english, and consist of the most blatant link spamming.  Here is an example of content from a site ranking on the first page of “Treadmill Ratings”

    “This is why WE ARE HERE FOR YOU as our site do all the research and providing the best treadmill reviews and treadmill ratings if you still struggling to decide which exercise treadmill would suit your budget and fitness requirements. Let us help you by as simple as just reviewing on the treadmill buyer guide and comparison. A good treadmill review will help you to get the best treadmill to get in shape and keep health! You’ll find honest treadmill reviews and everything you need to know here which suit to your needs and budget.”

    The Penguin update resulted in many of the best sites in their niche getting penalized for being over zealous.  Or it may be they were responding to the signals that Google was inferring by how they ranked websites in the past.  For example, if I were to do a backlink check on many of my competitors through Google PageRank, I would conclude that getting links on bogus directories was a necessity to compete. 

    Regardless, I welcome the news of a possible link negating tool.  I have one ebay affiliate site that has 1,100 links to my site in their blog roll.  They listed me as a resource. I have been unable to find the owner of this site.   They’re domain name is protected by whoisguard.  I also have countless sites from years ago that reprinted my articles from article directories.  That was back when writing articles was in vogue. 

    I do hope that Google works out the bugs and that the cream rises to the top.   In my niche the big brands and the barely english speaking sites have risen to the top. 

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    He didn’t. We, the SMX conference, did as a stage decoration. The audience seemed to find them fairly funny, as it did when we had pandas last year.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    I’ve asked both him and Amit Singhal, who heads up the entire Google Search team about this fairly recently. Both have chalked it up to not being able to be 100% perfect and erring on the side of caution and allowing some spam through to avoid more false positives. See also 

  • http://www.consultancymarketing.co.uk/ Ian Smith

     It seems if we totally abused the system, we would have got a specific warning telling us of our error. That is manageable.
    No warning – just an obliteration of rankings. Bit more tricky to deal with.

  • http://goo.gl/FyquM Maurine W. Sigmund

    So we should focus on building a good link profile and make sure that majority of the backlinks are not coming from one specific keyword. http://CBCJobGetPosition.notlong.com

  • http://www.cbil360.com/ Website Design Company

    Since 2011 I had a smell about such happening that something is going to happen very big, something similar in terms like any end user wants to see the result. Like If I need to buy something specific then definitely would prefer something trusted, related and real thing what I need. More or less we have to be agree that you have to prove, show, and if you are new then start building as a brand if you want to be shown in results. 

  • Steve1919

    Fantasticly funny video. More of that kind of humour please. More, more, more!

  • Steve1919

    Fantastically funny video. We want more of this type of humour. More, more, more! Genius.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christopher-Castellano/100000164029539 Christopher Castellano

    Look like google took my advice – http://christophercastellano.com/defending-against-spam/

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=612577055 Mike Webb

    In a previous interview with MC he did say that even brief visits to a site can be beneficial, especially if you’re looking for an answer to a simple question. If you manage to find the answer on the first page and then go straight back to google then they consider they’ve done their job correctly in helping you find the answer to your question.

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/ZGAG3XM2KCYJYZX2ILA37MP4OM Margie

    It seems like Matt didn’t quite answer the question about “bounce rate” – Danny asked about SERP bounce rate – and Matt replied about Google Analytics bounce rate.  I would really like to know the answer to the SERP bounce rate question – which would link to the stats in Google Webmaster Tools.

  • http://www.facebook.com/csouk Manazir Ali Alvi

    Get you free Copy here (www.broadcastuae.com) 

  • Jake Bohall


  • fusiondesigner

    Nice interview Danny 

  • http://www.SmartInternetBusinessSolutions.co.uk/ Tarjinder S. Kailey

    The way I see it the update was not created to penalize but to devalue/downgrade the value of any site that violating Google’s guidelines in SERP. 

  • http://RxSEO.net/ Gregory Smith

    Seems like everyone and their granny is writing the same damn thing. Where is the pork (unique “quality” content) ?

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/JRRWMFQG65SI6PDLV6K2UU27V4 Fahad

    every one asking if SEO is dead?? i finally want to say that i think seo is not dead but linkbuilding is dead…!seo is now rely only on content base work.

  • Mike M

      Exactly! What about all the poor, totally innocent Mom & Pops with a great,
    competitive product and with only enough knowledge of the internet to
    barely copy another site (or fill in a registrar template) that they
    find and adapt it to their own use? WHY should they have to know
    ANYTHING WHATSOEVER about the topic of SEO and what spammers do? Just
    like OLD websites which were around BEFORE Google and did things
    innocently, which made sense, helped visitors, but G later decided was a
    “tool used by spammers” because it JUST HAPPENED to break THEIR
    algorithm they should not be rated lower than a multi-million dollar
    company who can hire a website department. Sounds to me like G needed a
    better algorithm from the start to recognize the difference and which
    worked from the START, rather than constantly changing things today to
    try and block spammers and make the learning curve impossible for new

      So say my grandmother owns a shop downtown that makes cupcakes and
    wants to link to the nice folks who own businesses on either side of her
    (a car repair shop and a flower shop) out of the kindness of her heart
    or as a reference for location directions, or as an advertising idea (while waiting for your car repair stop in for a cupcake and pleasant conversation). Should she be penalized
    because they are not related in anyway to her business and look like paid advertising, other than
    proximity to her business (which I suspect G does not consider a valid
    relation). G has no business determining what is a valid link and what
    isn’t. There are so many reasons that someone may validly link that a machine
    cannot fathom.

  • Mike M

     It’s great if they were to TELL you which links are good or bad, but we have a lot of unpurchased links which look perfectly legitimate, or which are questionable but are they hurting or helping us?

  • Mike M

      Oh yeah? How about sites which post, as one example, the old aol stalker data with 10K links to your site from one site? Good or Bad? Didn’t ask for them, didn’t pay for them, but they demonstrate popularity.

  • Mike M

     They should face the fact that they have killed the primary tenet of the internet: hyper-linking. Everyone is afraid to link anyone anymore. Yes the percent of nofollows may be low (it’s stupid to use since it alerts G), but has he checked the rate of increase (or decrease) in linking AT ALL over the last couple years? We link out frequently where it helps users, for 15 years now, totally free (most are non-profit organizations – hope we didn’t accidentally get them penalized) Of course G pretty much kicked us totally out of G. They should just assume ALL links are paid these days. Who else would RISK it, unless they’re us, or being paid for it, or they’re on G’s permanent, official “Recognized Authority” list (which we obviously aren’t).

  • storecoach

    I believe Phil is talking about the 3rd party tool that someone is promoting.

    FYI, it’s nothing more than an interface that tracks your efforts. You’d be just as well off using a spreadsheet Phil.

  • http://profile.yahoo.com/LXCDMA75F7XIYRNN4DL2I455OU colette234

    Is sandboxing obsolete now? Our site has been hit hard by the penguin update and rankings continually fluctuate up and down. Is there a way to learn more about what search criteria the new algorithms are using. Is backlinking /the pr rank of your backlinks the only criteria taken into account? Please reply if you get a chance and thanks for taking the time to read this :)

  • Patricia_B

    Google – You need to fix this mess you made and FIX IT NOW!! We are a small company spending thousands of
    dollars and hours to do everything right by your standards, neither of which we
    have because WE ARE TRYING TO RUN A BUSINESS!! 
    With your latest algorithm change, companies are encouraged to use “blackhat”
    techniques and are racing past us.  Not
    only that, we are on our second reconsideration with you as we found out that
    one of our competitors (or several) have attached backlinks to us in attempt to
    push us down and push themselves up and GOOGLE this is being encouraged by you!

    We now have a full time person who spends most of her day
    trying to get the bad links removed from these various sites.  Sadly, it is a fruitless effort as once she
    is done, the spineless  competitor(s) who
    are applying links to us will just do it again. 
    We have lost so much ranking, money and time, we are at the point we may
    have to lay employees off.  You do NOT
    UNDERSTAND the affect you are having on real, hardworking businesses and
    families who are just trying to do the right thing according to your

    PLEASE, as soon as possible, implement a tool for us website
    owners to go in and tell you which are valid links to our site and which are
    not and should be disregarded. This should end the madness that YOU HAVE
    CAUSED.  You have brilliant people
    working for you.  I can’t imagine such a
    tool would take longer than an afternoon to develop.  Looking forward to a prompt implementation.