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    Thanks for an insightful article. I admit that the category links do look appealing – in fact, they make Google Search Options look a bit wimpy. While I’m not going to become a Bing user overnight, Google could certain learn a couple of things from Microsoft’s developments.

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    This Article is so informative – I guess it will give Google a Run for its money

  • mallah

    Again, Thanx Danny for this nice article…..

    I belive $ 80 millions or even 80 Billions will not do the job for MS…. as a Search Engine GooG won their place cause they came up with something new (a Pioneer) to the world.

    Google is a Monster in SE industry, & MS needs more than just a Normal campaigns to let people out there to use SE’s other than (Google.com) ….. MS needs to Create their OWN engine that has their Finger-print, not just some added-values.

  • http://www.frankelcoachinggroup.com crisfrankel

    First it was MSN, then Live, now Bing. What’s next is what I want to know and also why they’re own add url link doesn’t even come up in their own search.

  • claydo

    The best site for comparing Google, Yahoo and Bing is http://www.search3.com/ It shows the results from all three search engines side-by-side. It’s amazing the differences.

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    ITS really nice information