• Durant Imboden

    The members of the “Open Internet Project” are mostly medium to large corporations (Germany’s Axel Springer is listed at least twice, for example: under its corporate name and the name of a product-search subsidiary). Shouldn’t a real “open Internet project” include a broader spectrum of members? People may complain about a “Googleopoly,” but Google’s SERPS are more inclusive–and more open to new players–than this new lobbying cabal appears to be.

  • us0r

    This is really a pile of…. nonsense. None of these claims come with proof, evidence, anything. Further there is competition: Bing (and others). Bing is backed by a company that is bigger and has more money then Google.

    “for instance a French start-up -after the implementation of the algorithm Panda in France in August 2011- suffered from a brutal 30% traffic loss and had to layoff many employees to regain profitability.”

    Of course no link or mention of the “competitor” name. Further if a “competitor” is relying on their “competition” to send them business, they need a new business model.

    “Google’s AdWords policy discriminates against sites which compete directly with other Google services, in particular Google Shopping.”

    I see ads for Bing Ads all the time? I see ads for apps in the iTunes store all the time?

    “According to Google’s content policy, “publishers are not permitted to place Google ads or AdSense for search (AFS) ” on pages related to adult content.”

    “The consequences of such a restriction might be harmful to public health. Actually, when you consider the last bullet point, it concretely means that no companies -nor NGOs- are allowed to buy ads in order to alert the public and encourage them to adopt a non-dangerous behaviour. ”

    Yes it might be harmful… except it’s not. I just Googled unprotected sex and got ads for adopting “non-dangerous behavior”.

  • PStrohm

    Something tells me that Micorsoft is behind all this.

  • http://www.discountonlinefitness.com steve

    I support google.