• http://houstontexasseo.com/ Paul Sherland

    Excellent advice Chris! We have lots of videos describing our products and landing pages and blog posts describing product groups, but it’s time to build landing pages for each product with video and the photos you’ve described. Thanks!

  • Chris Silver Smith

    Thanks, Paul – it should be a no-brainer that small businesses need to include pages about their products/services on their sites in order to amp up their relevancy signals for keyword searches, but having just a bullet list of product names may not be enough to cut it — it works better to have fully built-out pages of information around those topics. I was hoping this article might help explain the concept to small local
    businesses that otherwise seem mystified about what kind of
    content/pages they need to be building out on their sites.

  • http://houstontexasseo.com/ Paul Sherland

    Thanks Chris, for this client, we’re past the bullet lists, but not to the fully built-out page for each product. He’s a sod dealer and we have pages and videos for the main varieties like zoysia, bermuda grass and St. Augustine, but we don’t have product pages for specific varieties like TexTurf 10 and Tifway 419 Bermuda grass. You’ve provided motivation to get that done!

  • Laura Wolf

    Great tips, and I am happy you mentioned mobile optimization. It is a big thing and people forget about it. Product creation is another good idea.