• http://SplitP.com Greg_Gerber

    You got it. We call it Real World Gaming at SplitP. http://splitp.com/blog/

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    Thank you for this wonderful post. I will definitely talk about this on my blog. (http://www.decentreview.com/blog)

  • http://dennisyu.com dennisyu


    This is hilarious! Instead of FarmVille, I’d call this BlitzVille, where users can earn real points in the real world. Question is– who will have the best local game that is the most addictive and monetizes best?

  • http://www.matterhornmarketing.com/marketing matterhornpat

    Opening the door for Foursquare optimization? Jokes aside I think we will see some very interesting stories emerge as some brands innovate and some brands (inevitably) will create horror stories for themselves.