• Glenn Vinckx

    Neat trick, thanks for the advice Ginny!

  • Chad Summerhill

    Great post! Here’s another very useful PPC calculated field: http://www.chadsummerhill.com/calculate-weighted-average-position-excel-tableau/ that keeps us from mistakenly using the average of Average Position in our pivot tables.

  • Ginny Marvin

    Thanks, Chad, and great addition to share here.

  • John Gagnon

    Great post Chad! I definitely use that one too! The whole weighted avg. vs. simple average is a big problem if you get it wrong.

  • http://www.annielytics.com/ Annie Cushing

    Thanks for the mention, lady! Way to spread that pivot table love!

  • Damian Gonzalez

    Regarding the IFERROR, why would you return spend as CPA? What you’re basically saying with that if there were no conversions (denominator), make the denominator 1. Except it’s not 1, its 0. There’s no telling how much more spend is required to make a conversion.

  • Han Gao

    Pretty useful tips!

  • John Gagnon

    Good point Damian. When the denominator (conversions in this case) is 0, and your spend is $1000 — #DIV/0 is returned. It can valuable to have a $1000 CPA – so you can spot these issues. Especially when you sort highest to lowest CPA.

    But as you’re inferring, though $1000 CPA can be quite bad — using IFERROR means you can have a $1.00 CPA with ZERO conversions when you sort lowest to highest. And $1.00 could be excellent.

    Ultimately, it’s preference – many have found this tip to be very helpful, especially when spotting bad CPA.