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    Dunno. I’ve been touting the long tail without a great deal of thought and been using it for years for a lot of things. I agree that it can be a pain and also that there are other more important things to follow up on. However, I can’t say that taking up “too much mental bandwidth” is a viable excuse for ditching the long tail altogether.

    The numbers are where it’s at and that’s where all your PPC decisions need to come from. Sure you might have a keyword that has only brought you 1 click in the past year. That click cost you $1. But your target CPA is $50. You need 50 more clicks to get there b4 it can be deemed as not worthwhile.

    And what about those words that get Zero clicks? Ever seen an account where one of those magically seems to get a click and a conversion? I have. Many times, tho I admit it’s odd. So… $0 for 5yrs followed by $1 and 100% Conversion rate seems like it was worthwhile if we’re talking about CPC ads.

    Don’t get me wrong. I’m down for ditching the long-tail too but this argument didn’t convince me to change my ways. Sure, I might wait 10 years for something to become statistically relevant, but that’s how stats work. And if it didn’t cost me anything in the meantime while I ignored it and focused my efforts on the 99% then where’s the harm in that?

  • Andrew Goodman

    It’s a bit of a complex argument, but I’m saying that it does actually cost you. But as you saw from the piece, it was more a question of having a spirited attitude and just plain not liking those words … for what they stand for. Which is low volume and trivial contributions to my clients’ and my goals.

    Returning to ancient philosophy, recall the theory that the perfect republic must have the appropriate mix of logic, base appetites, and “spiritedness for the cause”. (The same is inside people, according to that philosophy.) The logical side must triumph over our basest desires, but without the third part, the “spiritedness for the cause,” we quite literally have nothing to get stirred up about. Call me crazy, but waiting ten years for a keyword to prove its worth on a total of 14 clicks doesn’t get my motor running. And if squashing it like a bug makes me happy, maybe the cause is better off.

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    Yea it seems I thought more, more, more.

    I began to drive traffic and spend and more spend.

    I believe this was part of the process for me to understand more about advanced ppc. Because it brought about a new problem…

    Reduce inefficient keywords now and increase conversion rate.

    It was then that I realized that I was emotionally attached to some keywords and they were hard to remove, like a girlfriend that was going to change one day. If I just keep her around a little longer…

    Thats when I started to let Analytics help my decisions. No conversions, high bounce, low time on site GONE!

    I guess that is the first part of where I am at today.

    Thanks for your words.