• Pat Grady

    Where you see “cool”, I see brand and ecosystem damage.

  • http://www.donnafontenot.com/ Donna D. Fontenot

    Since when is an exit popup anything new, cool, or worth reporting on? And why would anyone spend big bucks for something every cheesy long sales page has used over the years? SEL is my favorite search news site. Please don’t jump the shark.

  • aaron wall

    I think a key point when using that sort of marketing is if you lock customers into longterm contracts upfront with an aggressive sales team.

    If you don’t lock them into contracts then the savvy folks who are turned off by it & the less savvy folks who are receptive to it will lead to a far higher churn rate & a far higher rate of chargebacks.

    Also his point about missing out on a press reference / link is one that isn’t directly counted in the conversion metrics. And for every one that a person is aware of missing out on there are likely at least a dozen others. All the people who give up from hating pop ups take time to accrue. The short term lift in conversion rates hides / masks that longterm damage, at least initially.

  • http://sarugu.com/ Albert Albs

    Agree with your comment.

    If they want to prove they should prove within the content, portfolio, product info or many other real value stuff. But forcing users with exit pop-up, subscribe pop-up won’t make big difference. Instead it will negative results. Anyway, to implement these cheap stuffs, why I should pay 4 digit dollars per month?

  • Larry Kim

    Hi Aaron! Thanks for stoping by. I think you are correct to point out that there may be hidden side impacts of the technology that isn’t being factored into the cost/benefit analysis, and I agree with you on that. I realize that system is somewhat invasive and thus we are not using it as aggressively as possible. As an analogy, whenever I do an email blast, I get unsubscribes. However the conclusion isn’t to stop doing email marketing. Rather, we limit the number of email blasts and we segment the list so that we deliver more relevant offers to people. This is the approach that I described in the article with respect to delivering more targeted offers based on what content a user viewed.

  • Larry Kim

    Hi Donna – thanks for your comment. This isn’t news reporting. It’s a column on how to do search marketing. Including tips, case studies, best practices and tool reviews…

  • Larry Kim

    Hi Albert – appreciate your comment. Seems like you have a great understanding of the pros and cons of employing this kind of tool for your site — which was my intent of writing up the case study.. :)

  • Larry Kim

    Depends on how you employ the tool. Any marketing tool can be used well or destructively.

  • http://www.freshsupercool.com/ taewoo

    Im all for innovation in marketing but I don’t understand how anyone can justify charging thousands (PER YEAR) for javascript that detects mouse position.

    There’s an open source alternative: https://github.com/carlsednaoui/bounce-exchange-alternative

    Not to mention now there’s a whole SLEW of wordpress plugins that has all these exit intent libraries.

    My personal opinion is that they charge that because they can, not b/c the value is inherently better.