• http://www.widgetlogic.com JasonD

    Todd, Hear Hear on everything you said.

    Could you fix the image though please ?

  • http://www.seo-theory.com/ Michael Martinez

    Todd — the graph is not displaying for me.

    As for Jeremy’s comments (which you referred to), those who don’t know how to do on-page SEO well always poo-poo it and act like they have the secret to success.

    The truth is that there are many different ways to achieve rankings in search results. The most efficient methods don’t always work by themselves, but the most efficient approach is to employ a flexible combination of methods.

    Jeremy is right about one thing: if you’re a white hat SEO and you don’t keep up with what the black hats are doing, you’re bringing a water pistol to a gun fight.

  • http://www.searchmarketingtrends.com chris boggs

    Great post, Todd. Especially valid is the agency life segment, IMO. Rand also commented on this being the difference between doing SEO for small/midsize versus large organizations. To paraphrase him, the small/mid is a struggle sometimes to get the SE’s to notice you, and the biggies is the communication/implementation factor.

  • f-lops-y

    Super stuff Todd! I’d like to add my two bits to your dynamic template modification:

    Some of our agency clients are pretty big. Some of them got on the internet bandwagon way back, you know when SEO was HUH? to most people.

    So case in point, lovely database to make management nice and easy – with a single include to cover all page titles and metadata to ‘ensure consistency of branding message’… and HELLO DC filter.. so reworking the whole backend to make the site even basic spider friendly was required… so i hear ya! and as to the other points – I agree 100%. REAL SEO:…
    Its NOT that easy. Its NOT that common, and It IS a big deal (especially for little guys)….(- and I’m happy to defend it with you :-))

  • http://www.thatgirlfrommarketing.com Natasha Robinson

    Well Todd,

    You bring up two great points.

    1. Major brands wanting Flash based sites. Dude, once I saw FLEX I thought it would be only a matter of time before major brands start changing over to this ecommerce form because of usability and that SEO better stop the “It’s dumb to have flash sites” argument and figure out some work arounds. Thank you for pointing out the possibility of this.

    2. “If you don’t even understand how your website is built, how can you reasonably understand how to insert the SEO elements I’ve requested?”. I recently requested the code of a dynamic site to get an understanding of how the site was working and where in the code would need to be chaged. The engineer looked at me like I was crazy ‘What, let you in on the code, you are no engineer” is what the look on his face said. LOL. Then I explained that as an SEO even if I am not an engineer I better understand enough about how dynamic websites work and how the pages are created in order help them understand what parts will need to be modified. I see I may have to start drawing Arrows and Colored boxes as well.

    BTW: You better top writing articles like this or I’m gonna expect more of the same on a more regular basis!

  • http://www.ogletreeseo.com ogletree

    Thanks Todd. I’m so glad somebody defended us. I think it is quite appropriate that Oilman defends the “snake oil salesmen” :)

  • Mike Empuria

    Appropriate clocking is a 5% issue and redirection is so important that you don’t even talk about it!

  • http://www.emergence-media.com DanielR


    Agency client management issues is definitely a biggie, but I think there is more to be said here.

    It can be difficult to explain to a client why SEO is not just a technical operation, but requires to changes to copy, talking to brand, co-ordinating with PR and so forth.

    And once you get the understand from the client lead, there’s the need for getting support with the copy dept, legal dept, PR person etc.

    Understanding, Buy-In, and Coordination.

  • http://www.chris-hooley.com SearchStudent

    Todd, blog more. Thanks.

    Great post BTW.

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