• Bryant Garvin

    I love the way George talked about where advertisers should focus their efforts – “What happens after someone has expressed interest in your brand (by conducting a search) is much less interesting and important than what prompted the person to search for your brand instead of a competitors.”

    How did the person end up searching for your brand? What lead you to be in the consideration cycle in the first place? What other marketing efforts touched this individual before they searched for your brand? And even more important is how do you pull all of that information together and make smart marketing decisions?

    I personally believe marketers should bid on their brand terms, I’ve seen the impact for those that do and do not. But just as important is making sure you have a really good understanding of your complete marketing funnel and how everything pulls/pushes the consumer towards your brand and making that crucial interaction with your brand you call a conversion.

    Should be interesting to see how this plays out. Definitely takes RAIS to a whole new level.

  • http://www.rimmkaufman.com/ George Michie

    Thanks Bryant. We agree, there is little reason not to advertise on your brand: it’s like shoveling the snow in the parking lot and making sure the doors to your store aren’t hard to open. Costs a little bit, but why not remove frictional barriers? However, the health of the business is produced by focusing on what drives people to the brand in the first place which is not just advertising, but customer experience, customer service, and word of mouth.

  • Tad Miller

    Ginny, I have to say. I’m very happy to Search Engine Land reach out to the kind of people you are quoting here for perspective. That kind of thing is a very welcome addition in the reporting of news like this and I really think it’s adding a lot more dimension to the stories.