• http://twitter.com/Yakezie Yakezie

    Why not just write good content, and then there would be no need for advanced SEO? Basic SEO is all it takes given Google and all are getting smarter no?


  • http://wordswordsseowords.com/ Christopher Skyi

    Many, a lot!, of SEOs and website owners are bemoaning “the loss” of the low-quality/gray hat SEO that used to work, e.g., “google changed the rules, it’s not fair.” Putting the fairness debate aside for a moment (and these particular bemoaners do have a point), what’s past is past. A great help for those how can’t let go of the past is the book “Who Moved My Cheese” by Dr Spencer Johnson. You can catch an animated version of the lessons in this book here: youtube.com/watch?v=tDNhEYpBPbY

  • audette

    yeah baby! :)

  • webprotech

    Recently people consider content marketing to be the new SEO which again I think is a myth like in the past many understood link building to be SEO.

    SEO makes the site capable of being indexed and SEO is that unbalanced force which sets the ball rolling and gives it an initial speed. The push of the regular quality content converts the speed to velocity and acceleration. Yes the right content gives it a direction which converts the scalar quantity of the initial speed to the vector quantity by giving it the right direction.

    The content cannot get a direction and go far if it does not have the potential for the initial speed which is determined by the SEO of the site.

    Have written in detail on… http://blog.webpro.in/2013/01/content-marketing-is-great-seo-strategy.html

  • http://twitter.com/SearchRocks Stanislav Dimitrov

    The more SEO changes, the more it stays the same. No matter how good the content is, or how many social signals a website gets, if the technical SEO is neglected – you’re doomed IMHO

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  • Terri Hartley Hoffman

    Great summary…like your ending with the more things change the more they stay the same. You have to have all areas covered from producing high quality content to technical onsite SEO and building your link profile offsite. It takes a team of specialists – very hard to find somebody who can be great in all of these areas. Why would you neglect one of these areas thinking you could have some success when if you do all three you will have great long-lasting success?

  • Terri Hartley Hoffman

    Great points @steveplunkett:disqus I also think a lot of small and medium sized businesses can justify this. SEO – and all areas that help contribute to improving your site’s search results – help companies of all sizes. Consumers (B2C and B2B) expect greatness from every size company.

  • http://kercommunications.com/ Nick Ker

    Yes, but… There are still plenty of sites ranking much higher than they should be due to old-school tactics like linkspam. So for a site to compete with those, it does need a solid foundation of “basic” SEO, some very good fine tuning (still on page), search-oriented content advice/direction, and modern link building – which is a lot more like public relations and networking than the old nonsense of comment spam, article marketing, spam directories, etc.

  • Ujjwal Bhattarai

    Great to see this post Adam. Though, you talk about lot of things on this article (from PLAs to Social to Mobile), the fundamentals is the foundation. Won’t be at SMX West but looking forward to read more on all the relevant topics. G+ has been a blast for SEO for sure. Does magic or you’ve to bear the cost of being anonymous.

  • Stephen Pitts

    Search Engines are rolling out new algorithms, tools, and products. so it is important to for seo people to stay uptodate to keep their work doing well.

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  • Christopher Regan

    No mention of Schema nor RDFa? Odd.

  • jrwl

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  • http://www.aldissandmore.com/ Tim Aldiss

    Great article (and can I say how useful your cross-linking is for us laggards catching up on related material!). Very glad you ended as you did. Old school SEO’s know that you really shouldn’t believe everything you read. You need to practice and learn :)

  • http://www.facebook.com/luciano.borg Luciano Borg

    Of course Old School is here to stay. The fundamentals of White-Hat SEO
    are definitely here to stay. As time flies by, Meta Tag character length
    may vary, keyword density may vary, new and emerging factors will come
    into play, but the fact that Content is King, meta data must be relevant
    and concise, keeping subject relevancy intact, and obtaining high quality (and again: “relevant”) links WILL ALWAYS be here
    to stay!