• http://www.stationersguild.org/ Richard May

    I sincerely doubt that Yellow Pages will emerge as the “local” search alternative to AdSense. Yellow Pages and their many clones are too busy chasing advertising dollars and corrupting the term “local search” by focusing on online competitors that “serve local markets”. My question is: “Will the real Yellow Pages please stand up?”

    To see how deceptive if not fradulent these Yellow Pages claims can be, you should visit this site: http://www.YellowPage-Connecticut.com. I just received a fax asking me to advertise for two years at the special price of $89 a month. The site is sponsored by a UK firm and has absolutely no content.

    Unless Yellow Pages cleans up its collective house and changes the way they strong-arm local businesses with deceptive advertising and their search audience with less than meaningful searches, they will fail.