• Cohn

    “Cheerful Achievement” has also become a Googlebomb.

  • http://www.planetc1.com/ chiropractic

    Did some Wordtracker research and it doesn’t look like “miserable failure” is that frequently a searched term. Certainly not in comparison to highly searched “failure” terms like congestive heart failure or kidney failure. Maybe it won’t be long before someone else gets the Miserable Failure top position on Yahoo. Sorta makes a nice title for a book.

  • MacChick

    This is not even in the top 10 things to worry about. Seriously. Focus.

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Probably not. I said that in my second paragraph. Then again, for those who care about search, I think it’s noteworthy. And yeah, for those who’ve bookmarked the old Bush biography and are trying to reach it, it’s not that absurd to think the new government should be competent enough to point at the right place.

  • http://search.org.in why-did-you-delete-my-account

    Look, Danny,

    just so you hear what I think (IMHO): deleting someone’s account because they disagree with you SUCKS.

    Besides that: link-based search engines also SUCK.

    WAKE UP, man!

    Sheesh… — why do I even BOTHER?

    OMG, IDK — I guess it’s RIDICULOUS.

    At least 3 things need to happen:

    1. Fix my account

    2. Explain why you deleted it

    3. Say what your policy moving forward is

    Otherwise SearchEngineLand dot COM is a COMPLETE WASTE of time — maybe even a “miserable failure”!


    ;D nmw

  • http://search.org.in why-did-you-delete-my-account

    Oh, I get it: I overracted — This isn’t your sphinn.com site, so I guess I need to log in again.

    Sorry for the misunderstanding — shifting back and forthe betwee 2 sites (with each site requiring a different login) is pretty confusing, though… :S

    Matt Cutts, BTW: has good advice concerning domain names — see http://twitter.com/nmw/status/1141344050 + http://twitter.com/nmw/status/1141322595 (his advice regarding domains comes near the end, if I recall correctly)

  • http://www.vbpoutsourcing.com VBP

    Wow, what will they say by his second week?


  • http://www.bidangle.com bidangle

    I am rather shocked that the Obama administration didn’t respond to your communications. Don’t they realize the investment of time you’ve spent on this? Probably more so than SMX West. OK… guilty, as I just wasted too much time reading and responding!

  • Dan Giancaterino


    You said:

    “Should be 301 redirected here:


    Shouldn’t it be:

    “Should be 301 redirected here:


    Instead? You want to link to #43, not #41.

  • http://ItsTheROI.com Jonahstein

    Sadly, Google seems to have diffused the cheerful achievement bomb, since the whitehouse isn’t on the first 5 pages. Alas, like Google Bombs of the past, what is left over is all of the chatter about the bombing campaign, but the target itself is a crater at the top of the SERP

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    Dan, yes, thanks for catching that! I’ve updated it in the story.

  • http://www.netpaths.net cvos

    It will be interesting to see how Google deals with the O-bomb. There is clearly a deep Google connection to the current administration.

    On an unrelated note, it makes me sad to see the whitehouse appears to be using a Windows web server, while Bush used Apache.

  • http://www.matterhorntips.com matterhornpat

    While bigger issues certainly exist for the Obama administration, this is an excellent example of how to, or how not to, handle 301’s.

  • asnider

    I don’t see the page in question anywhere in the first 5 pages of Google SERPs for [failure], even when signed out, but I’m looking at Google Canada so that may be why. I do, however, see the Yahoo! issue.

    Obviously, this is not the biggest issue facing the Obama administration, I’m surprised the White House web team hasn’t managed to resolve this yet.

  • http://www.altogetherdigital.com Ciarán Norris

    Just been looking at this and whilst they seem to have a 301 from http://www.whitehouse.gov/president/gwbbio.html
    they also seem to have a 302 going on from

    I presume that this is the reason that he’s still ranking #2 on Yahoo for miserable failure