• http://www.techurbia.com cweave

    Thanks for the update. We stopped using Yahoo! because PPC management became a huge time-sink. I’m glad we canceled our account some time ago, and avoided this mess. Spreading the word on TechUrbia as well: http://learnitfirst.com/go.aspx?id=yahoo

  • Asiane

    I’m in shock you waited this long to cancel Yahoo, we moved our budget into Google and expanded our MSN efforts after numerous attempts to get assistance at Yahoo to expand our reach and increase results. I manage just under a half a million in online ad buys and I was shocked at how Yahoo felt my account did not matter.

    My clients unfortunately, felt that Yahoo was a necessity, this prompted me to propose a solution that was beneficial to my clients and my sanity. I opted to invest a small portion of the Yahoo budget into external marketing efforts such as linking and PR. I created graphs that clearly laid out the goal to rank well on Yahoo for top keywords that would yield greater reward and put the rest of the budget into Google and MSN. We reached our goal way ahead of expectations with #1 and #2 rankings across Yahoo, and everyone was happy and I earned a huge end of year bonus to boot. Just a few months ago, these efforts began to pay off on Google rankings as well.

  • demib

    Could this be one of the reasons you can’t get Yahoo to talk?

    “… Bartz (pictured here) said, according to one report others have since confirmed to BoomTown, that she would “drop-kick to f***ing Mars” employees who leak to the press. “

  • http://searchengineland.com/ Danny Sullivan

    No, Mikkel — I think Yahoo figures if they just ignore the issue, it will blow over. I think they honestly believe it is just a few blogger loudmouths who are bothered, and that they can keep doing this despite limited criticism. Just like how they’ve kept on doing paid inclusion despite no one else doing it. And to be fair, it’s not like this post is just rolling in comments :)

    But then again, I think Yahoo will find acting in this manner actually will be noticed by a variety of advertisers who quietly pull their money and put it into other places. Time will tell.

  • http://www.seopros.org Webmaster T

    Danny, you made some good points about the Yahoo! attitude. I agree, bottom line is Panama made a bad situation worse and everything they do to “fix” it blows up in their face!

    Yahoo! absorbed Inktomi, AlltheWeb, AV and OV and basically killed the progress/innovation they all seemed to be making. You would think that much search “know how” would result in something better than what it did. Yahoos’ problems start at the top and the new person will just speed it up. AutoCad is a much better business and it has/had the respect of users who use it. Yahoo! on the other hand has a long history of paying too much and taking good ideas and running them into the ground! Not to mention how Yahoo! treats the advertisers who pay the freight!!!!

  • SEOIvan

    Hey Danny, great article as always.
    Here’s my take in few words. Remember the initial offer a year ago (or when was it)? Remember the OPPOSITION by the bloggers, Flickerers, Twitterers, journalists and everyone else. Message by the public was: go to hell Microsoft and leave Yahoo ALONE.

    Look back.

    Now, with yahoo in deep trouble, could this be used as a tactic to wield public support for the merger? Think about it. They are loosing more advertisers then they are making money with the program (or will lose soon). The whole move is dumber then jumping with a backpack full of bricks from the airplane.

    So anyway, here’s my shameless self promotion and a detailed blog on the whole notion. Let me know what you think here (my web girl doesn’t want to enable posts without registration saying we’ll get flooded by spam)