• Openuris

    If only everyone else would remove this train wreck of a review site from the internet.

  • http://localreachlabs.com/ Russell Hayes

    All I can say is HAHAHA and good for Yahoo in Australia!

  • Thomas

    Need to do the same with Mugshots and all the other crap sites that use extortion to remove someones bad day photo shoot.

  • Pat Grady

    Don’t forget those who scrape this content, an even lower class of species. Curate or Litigate (or in Australia, get de-indexed). Anonymous reviews are ripe for, and rife with, fraud.

  • http://omnitureconsultant.com Jeffrey James

    bury this thing please

  • http://dejanseo.com.au/ Dan Petrovic

    I approve.

  • Social Profiles US

    I’ve seen good people hurt by RipOffReport.com. I’ve never understood why Google seems to love them so given all the bad press and lawsuits about that company. I have also read the only way to get ROR results removed is if a company/person wins a lawsuits against the individuals posting on ROR…I wonder how many pages Google has had to remove due to successful lawsuits? Hopefully, G,B and Y will do the right thing and just remove ROR from all their indexes. Or, at least explain why they like ROR so much.

  • http://www.tylerherrick.com Tyler Herrick

    Why do you think Google loves them? It’s algorithmic…