• http://www.clocktowermedia.com Andrew

    I haven’t see the “Infinite Scroll” in any results personally, but I’m liking where this is going and am excited to see how this may impact clicks for deeper results.

  • http://www.cabinfilters.info CFI

    I don’t mind the infinite results, but I hope it doesn’t end up like Facebook, where it automatically loads more results as you scroll down the page. The other day I wanted to click a link on the bottom of the Facebook page and it was annoying how it kept making me scroll further.

  • http://www.semarketed.com Anthony Barkley

    Excited to see this feature. Providing one step to view additional results is much more exciting than selecting “1,2”3″……but… i wonder if this will effect Google’s Adwords platform.

  • brunob

    Google was actually testing infinite scroll long time ago in the flash version of SearchMash.

  • Juan Barahona

    There are a couple of Google Plugins for Firefox that allow you to sort the results in multiple columns, show a preview of the site and have infinite scrolling. The infinite scrolling feature was pretty neat. Haven’t seen that on my SERP yet.

  • http://www.uniseo.com/ M-A

    I agree that it looks neat and sounds revolutionary in theory, but as a Facebook user, I do not find it practical enough. The cons outweigh the pros in my opinion.

    As CFI mentioned above, if it loads the content automatically, accessing a link in the footer is almost impossible. And going back to the top to peruse the first page’s results again involves too much scrolling (hence the term ‘infinite scrolling’). I don’t think it also increases the number of search pages viewed either. On average I check the first 3 Google search result pages, and on Facebook I noticed that I usually stop scrolling after 3 ‘page loads’ of the news feed.

    I would recommend they do a lot of sample testing to see if it really will increase page result visibility before they decide to go with this. There’s a reason why we read books with pages now and no longer have just one big scroll of parchment. I don’t think we’d easily go back to those days, it makes little sense in terms of progress.