• Darrin Ward

    I’ve had the chance to see the “Jazz” UI and have it working on my computer. I personally dislike the fact that the results aren’t flush to the left anymore.

    By having the results flush to the left, my eye instinctively knows where to go. I find that with the left bar my eye goes to the left and then has to readjust to the right. It’s just more more obstacle in the way. Maybe I will readjust with time, but I prefer the old design.

  • http://www.samrichter.com Sam Richter

    I too have seen and used the new Google interface and I’ve shown it to many, many people and to a person, they all highly dislike it. What shocks me is Google has a pure search monopoly right now (yes…I know the stats say 70% or so, however, I speak to and train thousands of business people per year and I believe it’s closer to 95% based on their feedback—at least in the business world). Why would Google mess with that? People are very fickle and if they don’t like the new interface, they’ll switch…and switch quickly.

    Microsoft spent millions trying to get people to switch to Bing. A few people did. A very few. Many who have tried Bing think it’s pretty good, but, we still use Google because it’s what we’re used to. I’ve heard lots of comments like “Bing’s pages just look too confusing.” But if Google changes “what we’re used to” and makes itself look more like Bing, Yahoo, and Ask, it will provide people a reason to do what they aren’t doing now, and that’s try another search engine and compare.

    Here’s my prediction. If Google goes forward with the interface switch, Bing’s market share will actually increase. And with the new Yahoo/Bing search going live someday soon, Google would be providing its greatest competition with the ammunition it needs to pull more users. People really don’t like change. So if Google itself changes, people will give something else a try to see if they like that change even better.

    I understand the need to continually improve. And Google certainly has and does. But what made Google successful is its interface simplicity. Keep the new features under “Show Options” or in the upper navigation. But keep the search and results page simple. Or…for those who have a Google account, just make the new interface an option that people can change under preferences. I think it could be a bad idea to just force the new interface on people.

    And another thought…

    From a business standpoint, the new interface may also be a bad idea. The more things you give people to click on the results page, the less likely they’re going to click on paid search links. I’m certain that Google is testing this, but my guess is the percentage of searchers who click on a paid search link declines with the new interface.

  • http://technoverseblog.com/2010/02/xerox-sues-google-over-search-algorithm/ Technoverse

    My Google page was recently updated with the new look. I realized something was different when I noticed scrolling twitter results for one of my searches. Clearly, a few pf the UI changes reflect the fact that the timeliness of content can trump standard rankings. Twitter is now a significant source of real-time content ,and Google had to tap into it. I will still use my Tweetdeck , but the new Google interface means I won’t automatically switch to monitoring tweets.

  • 458793825432

    STOP SCREWING WITH THE GOOGLE LAYOUT. It’s only been a few MONTHS and you knuckleheads at google are ALREADY messing with the layout. Look Google, the new logo is ugly. The new sidebar on the left is hideous and I want it disabled. Come on people, GET WITH THE PROGRAM. Google, music hardly changed in Bach’s time for over 300 years. It worked for them and things were fine. Why do you knuckleheads at google feel you have to CHANGE everything every other month. It’s super annoying and ridiculous. STOP PISSING OFF YOUR USERS.

    Same thing goes with youtube, your subsidiary under Google. STOP MESSING WITH THE YOUTUBE LAYOUT. The new layout is ugly and people hate it.