• http://www.77lab.com anthon_pieter

    Good format I think.

    Youtube splits the ad revenue with the publishers (according to NYT). Seems they will want to use the publishers to select the ads for their content, that will save Google a lot of manual work. This also rewards entertaining ads and reduces irritation among users. Read (a bit) more about this at http://www.77lab.com/youtube_ad_082207.html

  • http://blogoscoped.com Philipp Lenssen

    The ad seems to display for 20, not 10 seconds…

  • joe

    Okay, I just all the respect for Greg after reading that this is an “innovative” approach. This would be annoying to me at best, I don’t mind 10 second pre-roll whence I can browse some other webpage/do some other activity; post-roll which I can skip but this in-video is *more*, much more annoying at best.