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B2B Website Pitfalls: What Is It That You Do Again?

Have you ever visited a B2B website and come away unsure of what the company actually does? If so, you are in good company. Many B2B websites are verbose, yet vague and confusing. In many B2B organizations, websites are given low priority, especially in light of long, complex close-cycles that hinge on offline business relationships. […]

Content Marketing

Social Media Plugins: Are They Weighing You Down?

Many B2B companies use social media plugins on their websites to increase engagement and sharing of their content. According to AddThis, 14 million domains use the AddThis social plugin; another 2 million publisher sites use the ShareThis plugin. In fact, one of the three largest B2B companies in the United States (in terms of revenue) […]

Content Marketing

Perspective Matters In B2B Website Content

In B2B marketing, relationships lead to conversions. Content strategy is an essential tool for driving traffic through SEO and social media, and for engaging and building trust with audiences online. This means choosing the best content type (e.g., copy, video, print, audio, whitepaper, etc.) and the right words to convey your message. But all too […]

Google Analytics

Change (& In-House SEO)

Change is a popular word lately, and living in DC area the theme is practically unavoidable. You can even buy (a shiny version of) change at the mall. I walked through a Macy’s department store last week and passed a large rack of sparkly “Change” pins for sale. Change is everywhere.


Using Search to Analyze Brand Recognition Growth

What is your company’s brand awareness?  Measuring brand awareness is important for understanding the impact of offline and online marketing strategies.  Because brand awareness is affected by so many different marketing strategies, quantifying brand awareness is not always straightforward. One way to gauge interest in your company’s brand is to analyze keyword search patterns.  Your […]


Communicating Search Success Using A Dashboard Report

As companies in many industries start to more closely evaluate their marketing budgets, communicating the success and impact of search marketing within your company is as critical as ever. When presenting this information to your executive team or colleagues who may not be as familiar with search marketing, you want to be thorough but concise. […]


In-House Search Analysis: Who & When

Numbers don’t lie. For in-house search marketers analysis is critical for reporting performance, identifying trouble spots, and finding your next great opportunity. If you hire an agency or consultant to help with your search marketing, the numbers reflect success of that agency’s work, and can tell you ultimately if the agency is worth what they […]


Leveraging Third-Party Sites to Raise Your Company’s Profile in Search

Many larger companies are able to virtually dominate the organic search results through the sheer number of unique domains that they have to work with. For example, in addition to its corporate websites, Honda ranks in organic search with domains that are unique to its vehicle, watersports, engine, and motorcycle business units, among others. Provided […]

Search Quality

Key Takeaways From SMX Advanced For In-House SEMs

Perhaps for the first time ever I’m guilty of being slack. Either that or I’ve been seriously buried (a condition I’m sure most in-house SEMs are quite familiar with). Although there was some great live blogging of SMX Advanced, nobody to my knowledge summarized key takeaways for in-house search marketers. So here are what I […]


Getting The Most Out Of A Search Marketing Conference

It’s easy to get hooked on search conferences. For me, there’s no better way to learn so much about search in the course of a couple of days: what’s working, what’s not working, and what others in the industry are experiencing. The networking opportunities at conferences are priceless—where else do you have access to so […]

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