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Leveraging PR To End The B2B Content Development Struggle

One of the biggest challenges B2B clients grapple with is content creation. Developing material that is fresh, relevant, and keeps users coming back—while also being SEO-friendly—can be difficult. This is a problem. Fortunately though, there’s an easy and effective solution. And it’s closer than you might think.

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B2B Marketing Priorities 2008

Let’s face it, life is about priorities. There’s never enough time, money, or resources for everything. Consequently, we must prioritize. Doing so forces us to choose between what we want and what we actually need. And marketers are anything but exempt from such choices. When times are good—and we have a bit more money to […]

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Leveraging Search To Meet B2B Challenges

B-to-B marketers have unique challenges to overcome—everything from the lengthy sales cycle, to tracking gaps from leads to sales, to heavy competition on top terms. But the good news is that search engine marketing helps marketers meet these challenges head-on. The bad news is that this list of challenges is far from comprehensive. In fact, […]

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The Big B2B PPC Mistake

It’s been said that the three rules of marketing are brand recognition, brand recognition, and brand recognition. Given that, marketers spend considerable funds and resources to ensure that people recognize their brands and connect with them. In other words, brand matters. Yet, when it comes to PPC marketing, the importance of brand gets a little […]

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A B2B Search Marketer’s New Year’s Resolutions

Resolutions. We all make them. And some folks actually keep them. But regardless of the outcome, each year we have the opportunity to start fresh. As you commit to improving your personal lives by eating healthier, spending more time with your family, or finally doing the one thing you’ve only dreamed about, I’d like to […]

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Integrating SEO & PPC: Three Pitfalls To Avoid

Chances are, your search marketing efforts could be missing as much as 80% of your target audience. Don’t believe me? It’s true. Why? It’s fundamental. Most search marketers agree that about 70%-80% of all clicks come from the natural (organic) search results, while the other 20%-30% come from sponsored listings (PPC). Yet despite these stats, […]

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Creating Innovative B2B Search Marketing Campaigns

As we sat there at lunch, I could tell something was on his mind. Turns out, he was frustrated with management. Apparently they thought he should be doing more cool and innovative things with his search campaigns. “They just don’t get it,” he said. “They don’t understand that when it comes to search, B2B sites […]

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