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How Social Media Can Help Your PR Efforts

The emergence of social media has been a game-changer for newspapers and magazines. On the one hand, they have seen their print numbers continue to drop as more and more people turn to the internet to get their news and information. On the other hand, they (the smart ones) have seen that by embracing social […]

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Twitter Wrote This Column For Me

By now you have probably seen a bunch of talk about Twitter. And after all of this talk you might be still thinking: OK, so what the heck is Twitter really and why should I care? How is it going to help my business at the end of the day? Rather than writing this column […]

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How to Make Your Content ‘Submit Worthy’

“Why won’t anyone submit my content to Digg? My competitor is always on Reddit but my stuff gets ignored!” Sound familiar? Well here’s how to put an end to your woes and ensure your content is submit worthy. In order to be successful on social media news and bookmarking sites, you have to think like […]

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Say It Right! The Art of Commenting On Social News Sites

One of the most overlooked but important keys to success on social news sites is commenting (expressing a personal opinion or belief). One of the biggest draws for many social news sites is that you can interact with fellow members and the submitters through comments. Many users go to the major social news sites (such […]

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10 Simple Steps To Social Media Success In 2008

It’s no secret that social media should be an integral part of your online marketing strategy. Creating viral content and promoting it is only a fraction of the equation. You must also strengthen your online footprint and become part of the network. Trying to figure out where to start can be daunting. Follow these ten […]


You’ve Made Digg – Now What?

When you work with Digg, reddit, and the like, you want to get the POP: getting your content to a coveted spot on the homepage. Getting the pop can be difficult— social news users are wary of ulterior motives and will sometimes bury your wonderful content before it can see the light of day. So, […]


Wall Street Journal Hearts Digg

Yesterday, Digg founder Kevin Rose made one of the shortest blog posts in Digg’s history, announcing that the Wall Street Journal has added Digg buttons to its site which in turn give Diggers free access to paid content there. What’s this new deal mean? Let’s take a look.

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The Importance Of Keeping It Up: Have Hosting Viagra!

…er, your web site, that is…. A few weeks ago at SMX Social Media, presenter after presenter (myself included) stressed the importance of making sure your hosting would be able to handle the effects of a strong viral campaign. The message was simple: “If you’re going to target Digg, reddit, and the like, be […]


Digg To Get Truly Social With Major Update Today

At some point today, Digg will be rolling out a massive update to help users of its service connect more and to become more social. As BusinessWeek reports, these changes “might seem more at home on Facebook or MySpace than on a web site where users post links to online articles and other media”. So […]

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Six Content Types That Really Grab Diggers’ Attention

Wonder why there’s so much effort expended by search marketers to “make” the Digg homepage?It’s straightforward, really: once you’ve impressed this discerning group of users, your content has a chance to be seen by hundreds of thousands of people, bringing your site traffic, and more importantly, links. Delivering content in a way that Diggers like […]

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