Dale Hursh

Dale Hursh is CEO of SmartSearch Marketing, a full-service search engine marketing firm based in Boulder, Colo. SmartSearch Marketing works with businesses throughout the United States, integrating search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and website conversion. Dale leads the company’s business development, infrastructure and day-to-day operations, and helps ensure each SmartSearch client receives outstanding service.

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4 Tips To Improve B2B Lead Quality

One of the most common goals for a B2B website is lead generation. Yet B2B marketers consistently identify lead quality as their #1 challenge. Here are four proven techniques to improve the quality of your search-generated leads. Understand Inquiries vs Leads First, track and evaluate raw inquiries and accepted leads. Raw inquiries include every contact […]

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How To Manage A Thriving B2B Agency In Tough Economic Times

Successfully managing a marketing agency has never been an easy task, and has recently become even more difficult in these tough economic times. That said, B2B agencies that can steer their way thru this current minefield will be in a great position to thrive once the economy is in full recovery mode. As the CEO of a mid-sized, B2B search marketing agency, I’d like to share a few thoughts on ways to improve your odds of navigating through these difficult times.

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B2B Search Marketing Success Is A 2-Part Equation

>"I'm investing a lot of money in search marketing, but don't see the results I expected."... "I brought search in-house to save money but the return is still not acceptable."... These are common complaints made by B2B marketers. Often times it's because these firms are focused on only half of the success equation. SEO programs and PPC campaigns improve visibility and drive traffic to your website. But it takes more than traffic to achieve an acceptable ROI