Debra Northart

Debra Northart


Advertising Online Costs Too Much Money!

It’s a perceived problem with small business advertising. Anecdotal evidence from local online customers indicates that one of the sore spots for small business owners involves the cost of online advertising. Hmm. To my knowledge what one spends on advertising is determined by how much the advertiser is willing to spend. Cost is controlled by […]


Survey Says? Just Tell Me What You Want!

A couple of months ago, I wrote a piece on the importance of research for small businesses; how research provides critical insight to customer wants and needs, and how research may focus the direction of a given business model. Well, now it is time for me to take my own advice! I’ve been offering my […]


The Mobile Year…Again?

As I’m sure many of you have heard, this is the year of mobile. Well, a year of mobile, if you listened to Steve Ballmer of Microsoft at SMX West last month. Regardless of whether mobile search hits the volume levels that have been suggested, what is clear — is that mobile ads, mobile search, […]


Research: The Key To SMB Knowledge

Having just returned from SMX West, I found my brain teeming with topic snippets related to online search marketing. SEO, trademark usage, display and search ad combo campaigns, the Microsoft-Yahoo! deal, mobile ads, and so many more. While the range of topics was vast, all of them fell within the spectrum of online marketing. And […]


Geo-Targeting For Local Placement: Just How Narrow Is OK?

Advertising exists to help merchants sell products and services to people who need those same products and services. Bringing the merchant together with the consumer is the objective. In the online sector how those two are brought together requires a combination of money, targeting, and compelling or persuasive ad copy. How are those elements joined? […]


How To Get Customers And Keep Them Coming Back

Brand advocacy, reputation management, loyalty and reward programs are all the rage now, as consumers have unprecedented opportunity to broadcast their complaints as well as their satisfaction with businesses, specific purchases and customer service. What customers say is vitally important to the public perception of a business. While advocates and reputation managers may work to […]


Do You Know What Your Customers Say About Your Business?

Do you ever read reviews of companies you do business with? Do you read product reviews before buying a new camera, vacuum cleaner, or computer? If so, you are not alone! According to Lynn Terry on, 90% of consumers use reviews at least some of the time when planning purchases. That being said, as […]


One Cannot Live By PPC Alone. Can You?

Much has been written lately about the value of combining text ads with display/image advertising online in order to boost visibility and brand awareness. This trend is not necessarily a new one: Yahoo/comScore issued a study in 2006 showing an increase in “online and offline purchasing by consumers who are exposed to integrated campaigns” that […]


5 Easy Ways To Make Sure Your Website Is Good To Go!

I have worked in the online ad world for a few years now, and have had the opportunity to review a large number of websites. Many were full of information with lots of bells and whistles and features that made them appear sophisticated, while others were skeletal in content and simple in their organization. Either […]


Can Bing Change The Culture Of Online Search?

I was in Seattle for the SMX Advanced conference last month, which coincided with the Bing release announcement by Microsoft. The Microsoft booth got a good amount of attention from the attendees, most of whom were eager to see just what this Bing thing could do. A large flat screen monitor was mounted on the […]

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