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Analytics & Conversion

Social Media Analytics: 4 Tools You May Have Been Missing

If you’re not using these tools to measure social media, you’re getting it wrong.  These  tools enable you to measure social media properly, in a way that will lead to building stronger relationships, getting more traffic and converting more. What Social Media Analytics Includes … And Excludes The purpose of social media is to interact […]


Usability Testing Tool Review: Usabilla

We’re seeing a boom period in the development of new tools for usability testing, which is a great trend that foretells better web experiences in the coming years. Today I’m going to look at Usabilla, which my friend Keri Morgret and I used on her site Strike Models, which sells products for building remote controlled […]


Q&A With Ann Smarty On Usability Planning & Website Iteration

Well-known SEO consultant and search writer Ann Smarty recently launched a new project that many white hat SEOs have welcomed with open arms: My Blog Guest. The project helps SEOs find guest-blogging opportunities, and site owners to find bloggers to write for them. I sat down (virtually) with Ann and discussed the usability planning and […]


Ecommerce Usability Showdown: Affiliate VS. Merchants

According to Google, affiliates provide such a road-rage-awful experience that they deserved to be kicked out of AdWords en masse. My experience shopping for a new laptop for my dad during Boxing Week more than proved that status as an affiliate site hardly determines usability, and that merchants sin liberally against the commandments of user […]

Analytics & Conversion

Feng-Gui’s Predictive Heatmaps Let Graphic Designers See Things Through Others’ Eyes

Heatmapping tool Feng-GUI helps graphic design and conversion optimization professionals gain that much-needed distance from their work. The tool lets you upload an image and the software returns an attention heatmap overlaid on the image—even without any people having seen the image! This is called predictive heatmapping. So how does it work and what good […]


How Much Detail Do Product Detail Pages Need?

Can an ecommerce store’s product detail pages bog a visitor down in too much detail? Can you provide the wrong information and leave people with unanswered questions? My friend and occasional client Michael runs Greek For Me, an apparel store for Greek fraternities and sororities. He recently asked me for usability consulting to help him […]


Wikipedia As A Website Usability Role Model

For all its faults, Wikipedia has a lot to teach us about usability. Here are three things that Wikipedia does right that I think websites should emulate to better engage users, boost time on site, and hopefully lead to more conversions. Summary sections Wikipedia offers summaries at the top of its feature-length articles. While I […]

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