Can Locally-Focused Display Ads Make The Phone Ring?

Display advertising and local search have been key points of emphasis for major online search engines and networks in earnings calls over the last several weeks. This raises an interesting question about the interplay between local search and display ads: Can local spend help drive display advertising over the near or medium term?  While we […]


Can Newspapers Be Saved? Part 2: Potential Solutions

In my last post, I discussed the state of the union for newspapers. As we all know, newspapers have struggled to move their businesses and revenue online, and they have struggled to do it in a way that does not cause massive disruption. This has been discussed and agonized over by a number of writers […]


Can Newspapers Be Saved?

Have you noticed the number of layoffs being announced by newspapers of late? When the New York Times announced in February 2008 that they were cutting 100 positions from their newsroom, it was a sad moment. A prominent national paper that informs our opinion and dialogue was announcing a cutback. Then the San Francisco Chronicle […]

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