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Julie Joyce owns the link development firm Link Fish Media and is one of the founding members of the SEO Chicks blog. Julie began working in search marketing in 2002 and soon became head of search for a small IT firm. Eventually, she started Link Fish Media, where she now serves as Director Of Operations, focusing on working with clients in ultra-competitive niches all over the world.

Julie Joyce's latest articles

Google Analytics

The Importance Of Link Development Metrics

Can you apply standard metrics to link development? We measure what’s going on in our PPC campaigns very easily. Metrics we have available include cost per click, cost per conversion/acquisition, total spent, number of impressions, number of clicks, etc. These numbers give us a good idea of how well our ads are performing, and we […]

Link building

Link Building & The Blurring Of Brand Identity

Is link building becoming harder as brand identities become more blurred on social media sites? Go search for a big brand on Facebook and try, in less than 5 seconds, to correctly identify the official brand page. Try to determine whether a Twitterer is the “real” one you want to follow. It’s not that simple […]

Link building

How To Avoid The Link Vacuum Effect

I recently came across a post explaining why Twitter isn’t great for SEO. This quote in particular really got to me: “In addition to being a nofollow vacuum, Twitter has the danger of becoming a linking vacuum. In the ideal scenario, people will find a link on Twitter and then link the post in their […]

Link building

What If A Client Doesn’t Like Link Building?

What if you have a client who wants SEO but simply does not want you to do any link building even though, over and over and over, you’ve told this sweet client that link building is a key component of doing well online? I’m not talking about the outright purchasing of links here either. I’m […]

Link building

How To Maximize Your Link Traction

In my last Link Week post, I talked about how monitoring Twitter could help build links. Search Engine Land Managing Editor Elisabeth Osmeloski had this comment: “not really underscored in this example is the potential for the link to gain traction over time. Sure, Jane’s blog may not be that popular, but it only takes […]

Link building

How Monitoring Twitter Can Help Build Links

Here’s a scenario: Jane gets on Twitter and tweets about wanting a coupon for a company that I’ll call ABCWidgets, because yes, I am that dorky. The staff of ABCWidgets, being all forward-thinking, are monitoring Twitter to see what’s being said about them. They see this tweet, respond to Jane with a 10% off coupon, […]

Link building

Link Building In A Global Economy

Global link building sounds very glamourous, like something you’d do wearing Chanel and drinking seriously good wine that I wouldn’t know anything about, not being the glamourous sort. However, it’s something that makes you roll up your French-cuffed sleeves and do some major dirty work. While the basics remain the same (get quality links, write […]

Link building

The Need for HTML Knowledge In Link Building

When you think about the skills it takes to do link development your first thought probably isn’t “coding” is it? However, as we see more template-based sites and sites administered by people who don’t have much coding knowledge gain authority, you’ll potentially want to think about paying a bit of attention to at least basic […]

Link building

Personalize Your Link Building

The ethnographic method is an approach of studying a person or group of people by participating in the culture of interest while still remaining a bit of an outsider. At its core is the focus on cultural relativism, which is seeing something through the eyes of the involved. Thus, to get to know someone or […]

Link building

Milk Those Links For Rankings & Clickthrough!

Old school media people are increasingly vilified by those of us who wear skinny jeans and throw out references to social media as casually as we breathe, but I’m quickly discovering that they really have their heads on straight with one major point about links: they’re also good for traffic (ahem).

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