Julie Joyce

Julie Joyce owns the link development firm Link Fish Media and is one of the founding members of the SEO Chicks blog. Julie began working in search marketing in 2002 and soon became head of search for a small IT firm. Eventually, she started Link Fish Media, where she now serves as Director Of Operations, focusing on working with clients in ultra-competitive niches all over the world.


Link free or die

Why are we so afraid of links? Columnist Julie Joyce goes through several of our biggest fears and discusses how healthy they really are.


9 hard truths about links

Link building is difficult, and columnist Julie Joyce reminds us that there are no risk-free, fool-proof tactics within this discipline.


I’ll stop the world and link with you

Wondering why a link builder gives a link to someone? Contributor Julie Joyce takes us through a few failures and successes that can help you better understand why people link.


The Importance Of Second-Tier Links

Want to ensure you have strong traffic sources, even if your site doesn't rank well? Link Week columnist Julie Joyce explains why pursuing a second-tier link strategy is a smart use of your time.


10 Worst Link Building Habits

Are you guilty of any of these bad link building habits? Julie Joyce discusses 10 of the worst ones she's seen in her own experience.

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