Kelsey Jones

Kelsey Jones runs her own social media and search marketing business, The Social Robot, where she helps clients grow their online presence. She was voted one of the top 100 marketers of the year by Invesp in 2009 and has worked for Yelp,, and Bounty Towels. Check her out at and on Twitter: @wonderwall7


The Benefits Of Facebook Timeline Changes For Businesses

Major press outlets and blogs (as well as social media sites like Facebook and Twitter) are all buzzing about the new updates that Facebook make recently to their site, and the Facebook Timeline design that is coming soon to all profiles. While some have said this may be bad for brands, the truth of the […]


Is Your Business Too Reliant On Social Media?

There is a fine line between integrating social media as part of an overall marketing strategy and relying completely on it to market a business. Just because social media is the so-called “next big thing”, it doesn’t mean that it can be a business-savior. The following are some reasons why relying on social media along […]


Utilizing Social Media To Celebrate Milestones As Marketing Opportunities

Social media was created with the idea in mind that people were going to use it to connect with friends, family, and even strangers from around the world. It has now grown into not only a personal networking opportunity, but also a marketing opportunity for businesses wishing to promote their products and services. When marketing […]


The Power Of Hashtags On Twitter

Hashtags are the world’s chat room. Where else can you hop on the phone or computer and have an instant, passionate conversation about something that shares a hashtag? When it comes to primetime television, current events, or sports events like the Olympics or the Super Bowl, hashtags allow anyone with a Twitter account to take […]


How To Avoid A Social Media One Track Mind For Businesses

For many individuals, social media is fast becoming a way of life. Tweet about lunch. Check into lunch restaurant on FourSquare. Post a photo on Facebook wall of co-workers waiting for food to arrive. Show restaurant server the electronic certificate bought from LivingSocial for $20 worth of food purchased for $10 last week. Leave a […]


How Viral Marketing Has The Potential To Promote Or Destroy Your Brand

Everyone wants every piece of their content to go ‘viral’, whether that means a tweet is re-tweeted 500 times, a YouTube video has 2,000,000 views, or a blog post has 300 comments. Many companies believe that social media and online marketing isn’t “Worth it” if they aren’t getting high numbers. While this isn’t always the […]


How To Find Hidden SEO Opportunities On Twitter

Even though the importance of choosing the best words for every tweet and bio has probably been discussed at length on Search Engine Land and others, paying attention to exactly how these carefully chosen keywords can be used is the second half of the equation. There are many places on Twitter that may be the […]


Engaging In Entertainment Social Networks

Have you heard of GetGlue and Miso yet? They are the next big thing to hit geo-location social networking applications. And the best part? They don’t utilize your location at all. Instead, they focus on what you are doing. Think of it as if the Facebook status post and Foursquare had a baby, and it […]


The iPad As Platform For SEM & Social Media Marketing

Apple clearly recognizes the importance of the mobile web, but did they get trigger happy and launch the iPad too soon? The launch of the new Apple device has lit up the internet with all sorts of criticisms, praises, questions and opinions. A question remains for those of us in the search marketing and social […]


How To Monetize Social Media: The Right Way

Websites like Sponsored Tweets and Ad.Ly were created with the hope that famous and popular social media users will be willing to start sponsored conversations online. And with clients such Kendra Wilkinson and Kim Kardashian ready to spread any advertiser’s message for the right price, participating in social media has finally become profitable. Even Google […]


How To Measure The Value Of A Fan Or Follower In Social Media

It’s hard to justify the time spent on social media account management. But there are ways to measure the real value (monetary or otherwise) of fans on Facebook and followers on Twitter. These top two social media websites offer free advertising, an open customer service and communication platform and a demographics database all wrapped up […]

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