3 Ranking Survival Tips For Google’s New Personalized Results

The effects were subtle. The average person searching on Google probably didn’t notice. For most, the results of last Friday’s rollout of the long-tested, debated and awaited personalized search results for the masses was an entirely unremarkable event. For the search marketing industry, it was cataclysmic. In short, it’s a game changer. Those who adapt […]


Linking The Unlinkable: When Digg Won’t Work

When we talk about creating viral link building campaigns, we almost always speak in terms of volume of links from blogs or the number of visits generated from social media sites like Digg or Netscape. In the case of “how to” articles such as this one, we also tend to use easy examples, if we […]


3 Ways To Use Your Competition To Build Links & Targeted Traffic

The idea of using your competition to build links, trust and reputation and benefit from the knock on effect of better search engine rankings as a result may seem alien to many. Savvy web marketers have been doing this for years, however. Bloggers often do it without even realizing it due to the inherent social […]


2007 Guide To Linkbaiting: The Year Of Widgetbait?

Way back in 2005 we started talking about linkbait, a term that was coined on Threadwatch which I owned and ran at the time. Linkbait was used to describe viral, linkable content designed to attract thousands of links. Shortly after that, I wrote The Art of Linkbaiting. It has been much cited over the last […]

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