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MySpace Local & SEO Failures

MySpace and CitySearch recently made big waves in the Local Search and Social Media community with the announcement of MySpace Local. The two companies agreed to a revenue share but no details were released as to what percentages each company would receive. MySpace quickly stressed that this was a completely new revenue source for the […]

Local Marketing

Leveraging Social Media For Local SEO

Myspace has quickly become the go-to site for many businesses that can not afford websites to create some kind of online presence. The ability to quickly create a profile, gather friends and customize the page by placing your logo on the page has attracted a lot of businesses. Of course search marketers were quick to […]

Local Marketing

Importance of Rankings In Local Listings

There are plenty of reasons besides user experience when adding categories to your internet yellow pages (IYP) listings on various sites. This simple step can result in supplying you with great results in Yahoo! Local, Google Local, increased web references, and potential increased rankings in Google web search. Here is how it works:

Local Marketing

How To Fix Google Map Spam

Search Engine Land has run several recent articles and problems about problems with spam and Google Maps.I figured one more opinion couldn’t hurt, right? I deal with thousands of local listings a month and many of the problems mentioned in the earlier articles. Here are my thoughts on improving the overall experience for local busines […]

Google Maps

Three Web Reference Building Tips for Google Maps

One of the first things most local search marketers have on their to do lists is getting their listings to appear in a Google Onebox at the top of Google’s search results. To be in the box, you usually need to be in Google’s top local search results. And one of the major factors that […]

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