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What If John Henry Managed B2B Paid Search Campaigns?

According to the The Legend of John Henry, “Steel-drivin’ men like John Henry used large hammers and stakes to pound holes into the rock, which were then filled with explosives that would blast a cavity deeper and deeper into the mountain. In the folk ballads, the central event took place under such conditions. Eager to […]

Analytics & conversion

How To Increase Your B2B Conversion Rates By Reducing Friction

This month, I continue my series on improving conversion rates using the Conversion Sequence.  The Conversion Sequence is the heuristic that was created and is being taught by the good folks at  Improving your conversion rates will obviously help squeeze more value from all of your diligent search engine marketing efforts. So let’s jump […]

Analytics & conversion

Website Visitor Conversion In A B2B Environment

Last month I had the good fortune of becoming ‘certified’ in Landing Page Optimization through MarketingExperiments out of Jacksonville Beach Florida.  Several times a year, their team brings a hundred or so marketers through the 2-day workshop.  The material is similar to that of their free Wednesday web clinics but in a much more intense, […]

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