Tony Soric

Tony Soric

Tony began his career in search marketing in 2003. Prior to working at Clickable, he gained valuable experience working as an SEM strategist for an online marketing agency in Cleveland - eMergent Marketing (now Rosetta). At eMergent he developed his SEM skills while managing accounts for mid-sized to Fortune 500 companies in the online retail, financial services and hospitality verticals. In 2006, Tony took on the role of Director of Search Marketing for a Chicago based online retail startup. Here Tony further developed his SEM skill set while managing the ppc, affiliate, email and organic marketing programs. Tony holds a B.S. in Business Management from Georgetown University.


Overlooked But Beneficial On-Page SEO Elements

In my previous article I described the value of meta tags in driving organic rankings. In this article, I will review some other secondary “on-page” elements that—if used properly—may contribute to your site ranking more effectively in organic search results. It’s important to note that these on-page elements actually play a very important role in […]


Unloved, But Still Important: How To Leverage Meta Tags

I’ve put together a multipart series covering important aspects of SEO. If you are new to SEO, these tips will help you build a strong foundation for obtaining SEO traffic. For those of you who are more advanced in SEO, my hope is that you’ll pick up a tip or strategy that you aren’t currently […]


How To Optimize A Mobile AdWords Campaign

Google is going mobile in a big way. Following the announcement of Nexus One, the official Google phone, and the acquisition of adMob, Google is ready to make some serious moves on the small screen. Early days of mobile advertising Before smart phones hit the market, mobile advertisers were confined to the small screens of […]


Manage PPC Risk With Multiple Match Types & Negative Keywords

Choosing appropriate match types for PPC campaigns is one of the most important decisions an advertiser can make, having an impact on such diverse factors as costs, quality scores and ultimately overall success. Advertisers may choose to set their keywords to either “broad,” “phrase” or “exact” match types, each used for a different purpose. Generally, […]

Google Ads

What Google’s “Caffeine” Update Means For Paid Search Campaigns

Google recently announced that a massive operations overhaul is in the works. “Caffeine,” as it’s known internally, is described by Google’s Matt Cutts as primarily driven by “under the hood” changes to improve Google’s indexing technology, allowing the engine to be more flexible and efficient in the way it collects pages. He went on to […]


Google Sets & Squared: Powerful Keyword Research Tools

One of the toughest challenges facing pay-per-click marketers is keyword expansion. Marketers need to be adept at selecting keywords that will not only drive traffic, but more importantly, will drive conversions in a cost-effective manner. As competition intensifies, identifying unique, high quality keywords becomes increasingly important-and difficult. While basic keyword research remains important, search marketers […]

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