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Vic Drabicky is a New York-based digital marketing and strategy consultant specializing in retail. He has worked with Nike, Neiman Marcus, Staples, Michael Kors and many others to develop fully integrated digital marketing strategies.Follow him @VicDrabicky on Twitter.

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Paid Search And Marketing Grow Further & Further Apart

A few months back, I wrote an article for Marketing Land called “Is The Art Of Paid Search Marketing Dead?” in which I foolishly suggested there was still a small bit of art left in search marketing. Art? Are you kidding me? Ugh. I haven’t been so wrong or felt so foolish in a long […]


3 Keys To Online Retail In 2012: Doing More With Less

We are only a month into 2012, but 2011 already seems like a distant memory. Christmas was over a month ago and Black Friday was approximately 6 months ago by my calculations. But as we reminisce on the year that was 2011, hopefully you were pleasantly surprised with how it turned out. For a year […]


The Holidays: Time For Joy, Laughter & Analytics

Ah the holiday season. Time to welcome back apple-picking trips, pumpkin spice lattes and the smell of pine needles. In the retail search space, time to welcome back gruelingly long work days, insane volume spikes, working on days normal people have off (e.g. every weekend from November through Christmas) and enough last-second surprises to make […]


Roll Out The Decorations, The Holiday Etailing Season is Here

Growing up, the holiday season always started early in our house. It started in April to be exact. No, we didn’t put up the tree or start decorating the house (did we even take the lights down from last year?), but my mom would always start asking that question: what do you want for Christmas? […]


Has Paid Search Become The New NYC Mailbox?

If you have ever lived in New York City, you know possibly the worst thing about the city is finding an apartment. It is miserable plain and simple. You sort through thousands of Craigslist postings, a few New York Times postings, and answer every ad posted on every mailbox in the city only to realize […]


Five Late Resolutions For Online Retailers In 2011

Yes, it’s late February. And yes, resolutions are supposed to be made in late December. But as anyone that works in retail knows, December is far too busy to give anyone time to think about resolutions and January isn’t much better. But each year, sometime around the third week in January, something magical happens in […]

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