Google Rich Results Test now supports paywalled content

You can use this new feature to validate that Google Search understands your content is paywalled.

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Google’s Rich Results Test has been upgraded to show you validation of structured data for paywalled content. So now the tool will show you if that site is using the proper structured data for paywalled content or not.

What it looks like. So the Financial Times is a popular financial news site that using a paywall. I plugged in a URL from the Financial Times into the Google Rich Results Test and it showed the site or URL was using

Rich Results Test Google Search Console

Rich results tool. The rich results tool will be on Google’s own site, designed and maintained with the purpose of showing you Google Search rich result types. Google said, “to test your markup for Google Search rich result types, you can continue to use the Rich Results Test.” You can also preview how rich results can look in Google Search.

Google’s announcement. Google wrote:

Why we care. Those of you who work on sites that use a paywall will find this new addition helpful in debugging and validating whether what they have implemented works with Google Search or not.

So give it a try on any paywalled URLs to validate that Google Search knows they use the proper markup.

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