Microsoft will only show ads from verified advertisers starting Aug. 1

Microsoft Advertising is also launching an Ad Library where users can view ads shown on Bing that have impressions in the EU.

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Microsoft Advertising will only show ads from verified advertisers, starting Aug. 1, the company announced.

Why we care. If you haven’t completed the Microsoft Ads verification requirements, you’ll need to do so before Aug. 1 to avoid any ad delivery interruptions.

Timeline. The Microsoft Ads Advertiser Identity Verification program was announced in June 2022. Key upcoming dates to know:

  • July 1: New advertisers must be verified before Microsoft will serve any ads.
  • July 15: Contact Microsoft support if your account isn’t verified and you haven’t received an email from Microsoft about account verification.
  • Aug. 1: Microsoft Advertising will only serve ads from verified advertisers.

What users will see. All ads will show:

  • The advertiser’s name and location.
  • The business or individual paying for the ad.
  • Information about why they’re seeing an ad (e.g., targeting parameters).

Here’s what it looks like:

Image 6

New Ad Library. Microsoft Advertising also announced it is launching a new Ad Library:

  • “All users will be able to view ads shown on Bing which have any impressions in the European Union. Users can search for ads in the Ad Library via the advertiser’s name or words in the ad creative. The advertiser’s details will be displayed in the Ad Library.”

Identity verification help. You can read the official help documentation here.

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