News filter added to Google Search Console performance report

You can now filter your News traffic in Google's performance report.

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Google has updated the performance report within Google Search Console to let you filter by “News” traffic in the search type filter. Google said on Twitter Tuesday, “Now you can analyze traffic coming from the News tab on Google Search.”

What it looks like. Here is a screenshot of the filter option under the “search type” filter box. You can now filter by News, in addition to Web, Image and Video.

Google Search Console News Filter

You can also click the “compare” option to see how your news traffic compares to web or image or video traffic.

Search type filter options. Here is a list of the current filter options:

  • Web: Results that appear in the All tab. Image and video results shown in the All tab in search results are also counted for type Web.
  • Image: Results that appear in the Image search results tab.
  • Video: Results that appear in the Videos search results tab.
  • News: Results that show in the News search results tab.

Data starts June 30, 2020. The data for the News filter here begins on June 30, 2020. So starting on June 30th, going forward, you will be able to see how your News traffic is in Google Search.

Why we care. Giving SEOs, webmasters, developers and site owners more ways to slice and dice their Google search exposure and traffic is useful. Here is one more way you can look at your data in Google Search Console.

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