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Teams that train together, win together at SMX.

Unlock a rewarding training experience and up to 20% off registration

Successful search marketing requires thoughtful coordination between diverse teams responsible for SEO, PPC, analytics, and beyond.

One key to nurturing that coordination is a shared training experience that can get your team on the same page, speaking the same language, and working towards a shared vision of success.

Sign your team up for their choice of SMX Master Class – happening live online August 21-22 – to sharpen skills, broaden horizons, and learn actionable tactics that drive measurable results… and save up to 20% off while you’re at it.

With seven unique, expert-led courses to choose from, the learning combinations are endless. Attend the same class to unify and bond – or attend different classes to dive deep into respective disciplines and report back with armloads of insights and next steps.



Check out the complete Master Class lineup here and review the exclusive group discount rates.


No matter your setup or schedule, attending as a team is a win-win:

Working from home?

Training together with your colleagues will foster a feeling of camaraderie that’s essential to high-performing teams, especially remote ones.

Tuning in from the office?

Embark on an invaluable shared learning experience that will fuel creative brainstorms and collaborative projects for months to come.

Can't attend live?

All Master Classes will be available on-demand until December 20, 2024 – giving you plenty of time to watch and rewatch for deeper learning.

Send more, save more!

The more, the merrier at SMX. Check out our exclusive group savings:

  • 3-5 people save 10% off total registration

  • 6-11 people save 15% off total registration

  • 12 or more save 20% off total registration

Ready to get started? Email reg [at] to request your personalized group discount code today.

Need to convince your boss to let you attend?

We get it. Try these helpful talking points and templated letter to easily make the case!

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