• NW

    Great article! I scanned the QR code w/my Droid and received “You do not have permission to open this page. fb://profile/7138936668

  • http://PureOxygenLabs.com Brian Klais

    Thanks NW. That’s the standard error message one gets on Droid when the Facebook app is not installed. Your story appears to be the “worse experience” I refer to in the article when links and/or QR codes rely purely on the “fb://” protocol (as that QR code does). In short, it highlights why we (Pure Oxygen) think a progressive enhancement and graceful degradation experience is a superior alternative for marketers to connect with consumers on Facebook. So thanks for the comment! -Brian

  • http://twitter.com/NetSpeakDesign NetSpeak Solutions

    Very detailed, concise and valuable information contained in this article. Thanks for sharing!

  • http://www.ExcellenceForCollege.com/ Amy Martin Rodriguez

    Now this is ironic! I tried to access this article from FB on my iphone and I got an error message saying that it hadn’t been made accessible for mobile devices. Imagine my surprise when I finally got to my laptop and accessed the article and found out the entire focus was on making your facebook page more accessible on mobile devices!

  • http://twitter.com/BrianKlais Brian Klais

    So glad you found some gems. Rock on.

  • http://twitter.com/BrianKlais Brian Klais

    Thanks for the comment. Totally ironic! I have had no difficulty accessing the mobile version of this or other SEL articles from the Facebook app anyhow. But a sign of the times from within the mobile matrix! Stay frosty.