• http://www.seobocaraton.com SEOBocaRaton

    Regarding “What sets you apart from other SEO companies?”

    The seo consultant should be able to bring fresh marketing ideas to the company.

    For instance a new client of mine in the art industry asked what he should be writing about and doing offline to help promote his company/brand, I sent him an email with about 40 ideas to kick start his thinking.

    In my mind what sets spammers apart from real consultants is the education that you leave with the client.

  • http://silvery.com Chris Silver Smith

    I agree with these with the exception of #1, “Can you tell me exactly how you do what you do?”.

    I frequently give tactical recommendations in conference presentation and via blog posts or articles which freely show how to do various local SEO activities. However, I’m hesitant about giving a detailed explanation of everything prior to contract signing, because I’ve seen companies decline to sign and then use tactics I outline in an RFP as a roadmap that they do themselves or hand off to a competing agency.

    Further, I have some techniques and methods that are a bit more subtle than what everyone in local optimization may be doing — why would I want to give away my hard-earned techniques to my competition?

    In other cases, there are activities that all good local optimizers would recommend, yet the way in which each of us does it may be a differentiating factor.

    I put a lot of effort into articles I write and conference presentations I make, and my implicit message is “…here’s what I give away for free — if you want even more than this, consider hiring me.”

    Looking at an agency’s background or at a marketing pro’s background should also be part of the mix in makeing a decision. When comparing RFPs, you’re often comparing apples and oranges — reputation of the agency should be considered a major factor, rather than merely attempting to compare similar-sounding line-items on terms of price.

  • http://www.mynextcustomer.com George Revutsky

    Great article. This could mostly be used for hiring any SEO (or even a PPC) consultant.
    References, Methods and Bling (results).