• Ifraz

    Great article Dax – having swapped from agency to client side with a number of our brands using retargeting as a bedrock the wastage points are of particular interest. One question: how will retargeting work when the EU Cookie Legislation is fully activated?

  • http://www.chango.com Dax Hamman

    Hey Ifraz, good to hear from you, and great question. The biggest problem with answering this question is that the European situation is so unclear right now. We had the Telecoms Reform Act a few years which stated all cookied were going to have to be opt-in, and then it was basically retracted because none of the nations did anything with it during the 18 month consideration period.

    The Dutch broke ranks recently and came out with a very consumer-focused series of laws, some related to marketing and cookies and some related to keeping the Internet open. More here:

    Beyond that, it’s hard to say.

    A blanket ban on cookies would clearly have a big impact but is also not going to happen. Most likely scenario is continuing work on ‘notice’ and ‘choice, but we will see.