• Carla Dawson

    Hi Mitul! Great article. We love semantic markups and try to use them as much as possible. We recently used them on our SEO friendly parallax scroling website in the footer and elsewhere. Google picked up on them and it is helping our SEO.

  • nathanjoynt

    A great post Mitul, although I’m a bit surprised you used a truffle recipe over a cupcake recipe in your example. ;) Joynt

  • Li Ma

    Hi Mitul, great write up on semantic markup and the alignment of it with where major search engines are heading into the future! You are right on with how semantic markup is not only about organic ranking, but it actually delivers better user experience and improves search marketing KPIs. It’s also a great way of tying SEO and social media initiatives together to deliver a more robust brand image with social proof.

  • Justin

    Thanks for this Mitul. It seems like this is mostly for things with standardized data – how are new subjects added to this structured markup? Is there a way to implement this if I don’t have recipes or homes for sale, or the like? Thanks!

  • CoffeeShop Start Ups

    Great and informative piece! However… which WordPress plugin would you recommend for fortifying your markups (aside from Yoast)?

  • chartist

    I was thinking if the hummingbird change isn’t targeting the most crucial SEO malpractice and that is keyword stuffing into backlinks to adjust linkprofile and trick google into better ranking. As google will understand more and more the individual characteristics of expressing our search queries SEOs would need to start creating maybe more relevant content with added inbound value because otherwise semantic search will make it hard for them to be found. They needed to neutralise the authority which was in my opinion based on old SEO practices build up through long time.

  • Dave

    If I don’t sell products, don’t writes news, articles or blogs. I am a service provider from any field like design development company. My focus is not local and don’t want to entertain local users. Then how do i use semantic markup in this case.

    I have seen people using fake review listings using semantic markup which i think is a waste.

    Would like to know how can I use it in a best possible way?

  • http://www.afixi.com/ Jyoti Nayak

    @Mitul Nice article. But as SE algorithm changes going on we can’t predict what next to come. But we are ready lets see

  • cboulanger

    Mitul, congrats on your first SEL post! Good overview of semantic. Any plans to do a CTR study using SEOClarity data?

  • Joshua Butler

    Mitul, your description of why semantic markup is important is very useful for SEOs to paraphrase to their clients. Great work!

  • http://makethemclick.com.au/library Mark @ Make Them Click

    I’m not sure that it is improving the user experience.

    Over the past year the results Google is showing me when I search for things is often irrelevant. It seems to ignore the phrase I type in and just show me the brands which have used the single most popular word of the phrase.

    I’d rather Google searched based on the context of the phrase rather than which is the most commercial word in the phrase.

    Never used to be this bad, so I’m not sure what’s really going on with Google.